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Introducing the Ultra-Compact Dilution Refrigerator System

Bluefors today revealed development of an all-in-one, ultra-compact cryogenic measurement system that offers unrivaled power in a small footprint installation.

The new ultra-compact LD integrates world’s most widely used dilution refrigerator – the Bluefors LD system – directly into the recently released Gas Handling System Generation 2. The new, small footprint, cryogenic measurement system is ideal for laboratory environments with limited space, or as a solution for high-performance computing (HPC) data centers where multiple units need to be installed in the same space.

The World’s Most Widely Used Dilution Refrigerator, Redesigned for Innovation

Bluefors Dilution Refrigerators are renowned worldwide for their unmatched reliability, with over 1 250 systems in operation worldwide. Since its introduction, the LD Dilution Refrigerator has proven itself to be the leading choice for quantum technology research and applications around the world.

The LD’s success can be attributed to its ease-of-use and incredible versatility. It is suitable for many different experiments and use cases, and can be customized via a wealth of options for many different applications.

The new ultra-compact LD retains all the versatility and performance of the existing LD system, but does so in a far more compact layout by integrating the cryostat, gas handling system, and pulse tube compressor into a single unit that also adds generous space for measurement electronics.

Small Footprint. Huge Power.

The new ultra-compact LD matches the performance specifications of the LD400 system it is based on, delivering power, flexibility, and ease of use to customers. For cooling power, the system offers 16 µW at 20 mK and 500 µW at 100 mK. The large mixing chamber flange diameter of 294 mm (11.42”) provides easy access to an experimental space that can be cooled to a base temperature of <10 mK in less than 24 hours.

When it comes to operating and carrying out experiments, the ultra-compact LD includes an integrated 19” rack with ample space for measurement electronics. The system has also been designed with accessibility in mind; the entire unit can be moved, while doors allow access to the Gas Handling System and measurement electronics. The cryostat vacuum enclosure can also be easily removed by one person in minutes without the need for tools, providing full access to the sample space.

When configuring systems, customers can take advantage of numerous options such as our patented and field-proven long-life cold trap, that allows the system to remain cold without an external liquid nitrogen trap. Additional options include radiation and magnetic shielding, magnets, a Helium battery, and Bluefors’ vast catalog of performance-optimized measurement infrastructure.

A Next Generation DR with Next Generation Control

Powering the ultra-compact LD is Bluefors’ recently released Generation 2 Gas Handling System and Control Software. The fully integrated, innovative new GHS utilizes the latest industrial solutions to bring more flexibility, usability, functionality, and security.

The new gas handling system adopts the latest generation of pumps and sensors, replacing the previous scroll pump with a new multi-stage roots main circulation pump to provide reliable, silent, maintenance-free operation. The system brings class-leading safety features and is fully compliant with electromagnetic compatibility certification.

The completely new Control Software is based on 15 years of feedback from field installations. It provides unmatched automation, best-in-class data viewer with system logs, and cryogenic state awareness. It also provides different user access levels, enabling users to take a deep dive into all aspects of the system, or opt for intelligent automation. The intuitive software makes the system easy to operate via a touchscreen mounted on the system door.

Ultra-Compact High Performance

The new ultra-compact LD continues Bluefors’ work pushing the boundaries of ultra-low temperature cooling, while at the same time bringing more accessibility to the tools that drive the future of quantum technology.

As Bluefors’ co-founder Rob Blaauwgeers remarks, “The new ultra-compact LD brings extraordinary power and flexibility to customers with limited space, and enables easier integration of cryogenic measurement systems into high-performance computing centers. By integrating the LD into our new modular Gas Handling System, we’re delivering another cutting-edge solution for the quantum technology industry.”

For further information about the new ultra-compact LD cryogenic measurement system, please contact our sales engineers.