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Helium Reliquefiers

Helium Liquefication

Helium Reliquefiers are intended for helium recovery from a single helium-consuming device.

Cryomech Helium Reliquefiers are designed to recondense the boil-off from liquid helium Dewar/Cryostats, returning the liquid helium to the Dewar/Cryostat to establish a closed helium loop.

The Reliquefier can be installed into Dewars filled with liquid helium or be utilized to liquefy helium gas from a gas cylinder to fill a Dewar.

Reliquefiers have been proven to integrate seamlessly into many different Cryostat designs. We have developed reliquefiers for use with highly sensitive MEG magnetometers, MPMS, PPMS, MRIs, NMRs, superconducting magnets and dilution refrigerators.

Product Highlights


Helium Reliquefiers

Helium Liquefication

Easy Installation

Shipped assembled for ease of installation by an on-site technician. Easy drop-in installation through existing fill port.

Reliable and Care-Free

Cryomech Helium Reliquefiers can be operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week reliably, automatically and safely. The systems are powered by a Cryomech Pulse Tube Cryocooler, designed for high reliability with long mean times between maintenance, with warranty of three years or 12,000 hours on parts and materials offered.

Pressure Relief and Safety Valves

Pressure relief and safety valves are integrated into our design to ensure consistent and safe cryostat operating pressure.

Liquid Helium Return Line Connection

Standard Liquid Helium Return Line Connections. Custom configurations are available upon request.

Temperature Monitoring

Integrated temperature monitoring to ensure correct system operation with silicone diode temperature sensor, heater, and controllers.

Low Vibration Options

Designed with your most vibration-sensitive applications in mind, the HeRL can be modified to include a remote motor and flexible drainage leg. Ultra-low vibration reliquefiers are available for operation with NMR/MEG.

Helium Reliquefiers Models


Helium Reliquefiers

Helium Liquefication

Cooldown time for all Helium Reliquefier models is less than 4 hours.

Model (Click to learn more)Liquefication RateReliquefication and Recondensing RateCryocooler ModelPower Consumption
HeRL10≥10L/Day≥18L/DayPT410/CPA289C8.4kW @ 60Hz
7.9kW @ 50Hz
HeRL15≥15L/Day≥27L/DayPT415/CPA111010.7kW @ 60Hz
9.2kW @ 50Hz
HeRL20≥20L/Day≥40L/DayPT420/CPA111412.5kW @ 60Hz
11.4W @ 50Hz
HeRL40≥40L/DayTBDPT420/ CPA1114 (2)12.5kW @ 60Hz
11.4W @ 50Hz
HeRL6060L/DayTBDPT420/ CPA1114 (3)12.5kW @ 60Hz
11.4W @ 50Hz


Custom Options

Scientific research often requires specialized equipment that has never been built before. We fully understand this, and are happy to build customized solutions for our customers and their unique applications.

Commonly provided customizations include:

  • Conflat Flanges
  • ISO Flanges
  • Gas Feed Throughs
  • Electrical Feed Throughs
  • Recondensing Heat Exchangers
  • Gas Pre-Cooling Tube

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