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Cryomech PT310-RM Integrated Into Bluefors Dilution Refrigerators

We are pleased to announce that the Cryomech PT310-RM Pulse Tube Cryocooler has been integrated into our dilution refrigerator measurement systems. With this upgrade, we can provide even higher cooling power at both the MXC level and the 4K Flange. The PT310-RM increases the Bluefors DR system cooling power average performance at the MXC Flange by 10–20%.

Increased Cooling Power for Larger Payloads

Pulse tube cryocoolers are essential in dilution refrigerator operation. They play several vital roles in systems, pre-cooling components of the dilution refrigerator insert, cooling the radiation shields of the cryostat during operation, pre-cooling helium-3 gas, and providing additional cooling power to heat sink experimental wiring. The Cryomech PT310-RM delivers a significant increase in these functions.

The PT310-RM is designed for integration in dilution refrigerators; its cooling power is optimized to the 3 K temperature range that is ideal for Bluefors Dilution Unit performance. Upgrading to the PT310-RM increases the cooling power average performance by 10–20 %, allowing more payload to be added to the MXC flange while maintaining the same operating temperature.

Compared to the PT415 and PT420, the PT310 also provides increased cooling power at the 4K Flange. This allows users to add more payload to the 4K Flange, such as integrated microwave components or additional wiring, without affecting the operating temperature. The PT310 also improves the system cooldown time.

Our Cryomech PT310-RM Pulse Tube Cryocooler is available now for SD, LD, and XLD systems.​

Continually Improving Bluefors Systems

With the PT310-RM integration, Bluefors continues to improve the cooling power performance of our dilution refrigerators and deliver greater operational flexibility. This enables our customers to perform even more demanding experiments with additional cooling power increasing the capacity for more experimental mass. To find out more about the features and possibilities that the PT310-RM offers, please contact our Sales team.