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Cool Careers

At Bluefors, we operate in a world of cold. But you’ll never find a warmer, more welcoming place to work. Our culture brings together physicists, engineers, production and business professionals, and a whole lot more. What do we have in common? We all speak one language: Progress.

Cool Culture

What happens when you make something cooler than anything else in the known universe? You solve humanity’s greatest challenges, and that’s what we’re all about.

We’ve built Bluefors from an idea into a market leader that empowers companies to solve fundamental questions and innovate at low temperatures.

Bluefors brings together people from different cultures and backgrounds all over the world. Together we share with a vast array of experience. As physicists, we understand low-temperature conditions better than anyone. As engineers, we are curious to the core. And as like-minded professionals, no matter what our area of expertise, we have one thing in common…

Cool problem solving is in our DNA — and we hope it’s in yours too.

Our Values

Our values define who we aspire to be and how we choose to act.


“What we do”

Innovation comes naturally to us. We are collectively curious about the things we do as a company; we ask questions, seek best practices, seize new opportunities, and learn continuously.

At Bluefors, innovation happens everywhere, because driving real progress requires an all-hands-on-deck approach.

We work with our customers to develop cutting-edge technology that helps drive scientific communities and industries forward. Together, we turn our best ideas into tangible solutions.


“Why we do it”

We are passionate about the work we do to enable the future of technology and advance the work of scientific communities.

Our passion for progress is in our DNA; without it, we wouldn’t be Bluefors. It helps us thrive as individuals in our daily work, keeps us focused on our long-term goals, and helps us keep a visionary eye on the future.

We see challenges as rewarding moments to show our dedication to our craft – always ensuring that our customers continue to receive exceptional value.


“How we do it”

United by our drive for progress, we collaborate to harness our collective expertise. We foster connections with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners, breaking down silos whenever possible.

Our strength lies in our diversity – in cultural backgrounds, lived experiences and thoughts. We actively search for new perspectives and exchange feedback while treating each other with kindness and respect. We are flexible and able to make compromises to reach our common goals.


“What we deliver”

We strive to deliver nothing short of excellence, living up to our role as a trusted partner in cryogenic solutions.

We raise the bar high, but most importantly – we keep our word. To us, excellence compels us to identify and fix issues promptly, so that we keep delivering the highest quality and most reliable solutions to our customers.

We act with consistency and integrity in every situation, including the tough ones, and champion accountability.

Cool Locations

Explore the career opportunities available in each of our global locations.

Why Work For Bluefors?

At Bluefors, we believe quantum computing is the key to unlocking human potential. Whether it’s inventing the next lifesaving medicines, enabling green energy production, or transporting people more efficiently, progress happens in the quantum space.

We’ve created a cool Bluefors environment to make that progress possible, by building a diverse team of professionals, and a culture that values progress and passion.

Diverse workforce (50+ nationalities)

Global locations

Fast-paced growth

Innovative, cutting edge technology

Wide-range expertise and collaboration

Passion for new technology

Caring and supportive supervisors

Talent development

Internal transfer opportunities

Well-being and work-life balance

Employee Testimonials

“I really appreciate that the company recognizes your input and gives you the opportunity to grow. And in a growing company, there can be a lot of opportunities.”

Oscar López Velázquez , Delivery Project Manager


“Every day at Bluefors I get the chance to make a difference in the scientific community by providing the tools needed to push the boundaries of what we know.”

Joshua Milem, Cryo Engineer

“My passion is working with customers on their different projects to allow new innovations with our high-quality product and service. Every day, I am energized by working with a multicultural team of physicists, engineers, and curious members of Bluefors’ global team.”

Tamanna Joshi, PhD, Technical Sales Engineer

“We have a good spirit and it’s great that production work here means being able to do super cool things instead of sitting at a production line.”

Mikko Peurala, Manufacturing Engineer

“The employees’ well-being, safety, and career development are among Bluefors’ utmost priorities.”

Sheila Surban, Digital Marketing Coordinator

“My experience with Bluefors has been nothing short of exceptional, primarily attributed to their deeply ingrained culture of promoting social welfare and upholding a harmonious work-life equilibrium.”

Suman Dhamala, PhD, Cryo Engineer

Our Recruitment Process

1. Apply

Apply for a job or send an open application to our Talent Community.

2. Video / Intro call

Possible video interview or phone call with our People Team or the hiring manager.

3. Interviews

Interview rounds and a possible job-related skill test.

4. Internal Evaluation

We evaluate different candidates and possibly contact references.

5. Offer

We make an offer to the candidate we feel is the best for the role.

Contact us

Do you have any questions?
Contact us!

If you have any questions about the recruitment process or working at Bluefors, please contact us! We are happy to help you.

You’ll find recruitment contact emails on the different location pages. If you want more information about a specific position, please message the contact person identified for that role.