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Measurement System

The XLDsl-4K Measurement System provides a large experimental space and is designed for the most demanding 4 K experiments.

The XLDsl-4K system is built for the most demanding experiments at 4 K. Based on the Bluefors XLDsl Dilution Refrigerator Measurement System, with the same extensive wiring capabilities and large experimental space, the system can be cooled from room temperature to base temperature at the push of a single button.

The side-loading design facilitates extensive experimental wiring opportunities, and superconducting magnets can also be easily integrated into the measurement system. The XLDsl-4K can also be upgraded to a Bluefors Dilution Refrigerator Measurement System at a later stage.

Product Highlights



Measurement System

Side-loading Enables the Fast Exchange of Wiring 

The side-loading feature allows wiring assembly work for the installation set flanges to be performed on a workbench away from the cryostat. Consequently, the preparation of a wiring assembly or a full experiment can be performed while the system is running. When the system is warmed up to room temperature, the assembly can be immediately exchanged, greatly reducing the room temperature idle time.

Preparing and exchanging the installation set assembly is carried out using a dedicated installation tool that provides the mechanical stability and maintains correct spacing between flanges when the assembly is not mounted into the cryostat.

Extensive Experimental Wiring Capabilities

The XLDsl-4K System offers a variety of access ports between the Room Temperature and the Mixing Chamber Flanges, the primary ports being the six side-loading line-of-sight (LOS) ports for experimental wiring.

  • 6 x Side-loading ports (LOS)
  • 3 x KF40 (LOS)
  • 4x KF40

The side-loading system is compatible with our High-Density Wiring options. High-Density Wiring is a modular option for the XLDsl-4K dilution refrigerator measurement system that enables high scalability for the experimental wiring, especially for high-frequency signals.

Read more about High-Density Wiring here

Vast Experimental Space 

Base Flange diameter: 556mm 

High Cooling Power with Three Pulse Tube Cryocoolers 

The standard configuration of the XLDsl-4K Measurement System includes two Pulse Tube Cryocoolers. It is possible to upgrade the system to have three Pulse Tubes for even higher cooling power. The third Pulse Tube will reduce the amount of available side-loading ports to 5. 

Upgradeable to a Dilution Refrigerator Measurement System

The XLDsl-4K Measurement System gives you the possibility to upgrade to a dilution refrigerator measurement system at a later stage. The XLDsl-4K system is an XLDsl system without the dilution unit and the Gas Handling System. Upgrading only requires 3–4 days of on-site installation.

Temperature Controller

The Bluefors Temperature Controller enhances the user experience of our cryogenic systems. With a modern and intuitive user interface, you gain direct control and overview of the temperature status of the system.

Read more about the Bluefors Temperature Controller


Total System Care

Total System Care enables you to focus on your own work – doing research and measurements. The service ensures that systems operate at the best possible performance level and with maximal uptime, without users needing to spend time maintaining the systems themselves.

Technical Specifications



Measurement System

Note: Base flange diameter is measured with a standard sample space and shield set. The cooldown time to base temperature is measured on an empty system with standard sample space and shield set. Cooling power specifications are for the standard system with two Pulse Tube Cryocoolers.

Base temperature < 3.2 K< 3.2 K< 3.2 K
Cooling power at 2nd stage at 4.2 K1.35 W1.8 W2.35 W
Cooling power at 4K Flange at 3.6 K without experimental load~0.6 W~0.9 W~1 W
Cooling time< 10 hrs< 9 hrs< 9 hrs
Base flange diameter556 mm556 mm556 mm




Measurement System

Note: XLDsl-4K has configurations with two or three Pulse Tube Cryocoolers. The Additional 4K Flange option requires the third Pulse Tube Cryocooler integration.


Customer Care

We support our customers throughout the lifetime of their system, providing dedicated care to find solutions for any issues. Our technicians and engineers are ready to help you wherever you are located, with prompt service delivered either remotely or on-site.

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Layout and Facility Requirements



Measurement System

Layout Overview

Each of our systems is designed to be installed to a specific location defined in advance. A separate layout drawing is made for each Bluefors system, which should always be referred to for exact dimensions.

Facility Requirements

The basic requirements are 3-phase electricity, cooling water, and compressed air. The full list of requirements and specification details can be found in the Pre-Installation Guide, please contact our sales team for a copy.

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