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Bluefors Syracuse

Syracuse, USA

Bluefors has a strong presence in North America, and we are close to our valued customers and the scientific community. Bluefors Syracuse manufactures the Cryomech product lines while also passionately managing all Cryomech product customer support.

Based in Syracuse, New York, USA, close to 200 employees from this leading cryocooler technology site care for customers around the world. Bluefors Syracuse provides advanced cryocooling solutions for new and existing applications as required by our diverse customer base.

We realize that our responses to your requests for information, quotations, and service define us. Our cryo-team is relentless in their pursuit of our customers’ success. Through continual innovation, improvement of our technical expertise and our pinpoint focus on product quality and reliability, we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.

The Highest Quality Products for Our Customers

Bluefors Syracuse develops and produces Cryomech Cryocoolers. We currently offer the largest selection of models anywhere in the world, with several options within our line of both the Pulse Tube and Gifford-McMahon variety. Cryomech is the oldest and most trusted brand in cryocooler design and manufacturing industry. Cryomech product lines also include Cryostats, Liquid Helium Management products, Cold Helium Circulation Systems, and Liquid Nitrogen Plants.

From the detail-conscious attention of our skilled engineers and machinists to the rigorous testing by our technicians, each unit receives the attention to detail necessary to ensure consistent and optimal performance. Our Syracuse cryo-team has been honing their skills for over 60 years — skills that are available to you.


Working at Bluefors Syracuse

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Bluefors Cryocooler Technologies Inc.

6682 Moore Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13211

Phone: +1 315 455 2555

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8 am to 4 pm EST


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