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Clean Energy

Clean energy production is vital as part of a global transition towards sustainable energy. Our systems empower the companies who are transforming the world’s energy production methods.

Cryogenics for Clean Energy Production

The need for more climate friendly energy production methods is essential, as the world seeks ways to halt or reverse the effects of climate change. In addition to renewable energy, clean energy production plays a vital role in addressing the climate crisis by reducing or eliminating any air-pollutants caused as by-products of the energy production process.

Bluefors technology is used in two fields playing a key role in clean energy production: the hydrogen industry, and fusion research. Both require cryogenics in their energy production processes, which we support with our Cryomech Cryocoolers.

Hydrogen Industry

The hydrogen industry is seen as playing key role in decarbonizing production and transportation methods. The rapidly growing hydrogen economy brings carbon footprint reductions to many different industries, from steel production to chemical manufacturing, helping to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen cells also have the potential to offer near-zero-emission transportation fuel for international marine shipping and aviation.

For efficient transportation, gaseous hydrogen must be liquefied by cooling it below 20 K. During storage, hydrogen boil-off must also be managed to reduce losses. This is where cryogenics enters the picture: our Cryomech Cryocoolers are ideal for these purposes.

Fusion Research

As a long-term clean energy solution for the future, fusion energy has the potential to offer unlimited green energy. Nuclear fusion research investigates ways to utilize the process that powers the stars to provide sustainable, clean power generation. With only helium as a byproduct, fusion shows promise as a long-term solution for a global energy supply.

In fusion research, tokamaks, stellarators and levitated dipoles are used to create the conditions necessary to fuse atomic nuclei and release huge amounts of energy.

This process uses powerful magnets to concentrate plasma in a strong magnetic field. The superconducting magnets used in these systems are cooled to their critical points using our Cryomech Gifford-McMahon Cryocoolers.