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Introducing Gas Handling System Generation 2

At Bluefors, we take pride in providing the tools and services that scientists, researchers, and companies rely on to get results that take us forward and change the world.

While the cryostat often steals the limelight when it comes to quantum technology, the beating heart powering every Bluefors dilution refrigerator is the Gas Handling System. Today, we are introducing a next generation Gas Handling System that completely reimagines the way you experience and control our cryogenic measurement systems.

A Gas Handling System Built for the Future

With over 1000 systems installed worldwide, we received a lot of feedback and data about our systems and what our customers demand from them. With Generation 2 the entire Gas Handling System has been redesigned to utilize the latest industrial solutions and take system control to the next level.

The new system introduces a modular design that brings more flexibility, usability, functionality, and safety. At the core is a PLC system with EtherCAT communication that has allowed us to create a new platform for our software.

From the hardware perspective, the new Core Unit adopts an easy-access, lockable front door design. Inside, the system utilizes the latest generation of pumps and sensors, including a new multi-stage roots main circulation pump that provides reliable, maintenance-free operation. We’ve added class-leading safety features for improved, secure operation of the system, and the system is compliant with electromagnetic safety standards.

When it comes to the futureproofing, the system has been designed as a modular platform that can be easily upgraded to add more features, ensuring it has a lifecycle lasting long into the future.

Intuitive Usability with All-New Control Software

The powerful new Control Software utilizes a touch screen user interface to deliver unprecedented control over the system, making everything simpler to operate, while delivering more power and control than ever before.

Control Software Generation 2 allows you to take a deep dive into all aspects of the system, or opt for intelligent automation. You can choose a fully-automated cooldown, or take control of individual components via the intuitive Web UI.

The new software offers built-in state awareness, condition monitoring, diagnostic procedures, access controls, warnings, and alerts. It can even identify potential issues, helping to deliver more peace of mind, longer system lifetimes, as well as more reliability and uptime.

The system also offers more expansive remote control of your cryogenic measurement system – including remote control of magnets – with multi-device access and real-time monitoring. The control interface features REST APIs to facilitate easy, standardized, and scalable connectivity.

Options Take You Further

Gas Handling System Generation 2 has been designed to meet all your demands with a flexible selection of options available for even the most demanding use cases.

Advanced modular options allow you to easily prepare for all eventualities – including adding redundancy in the helium mixture circulation path.

The industrial touch screen PC can either be mounted directly on the Core Unit door, or located on an Instrument Cart which houses the Thermometry Unit.

Alongside with the Gas Handling System, we’ve also renewed our Fast Sample Exchange unit with advanced machinery and a new operational interface accessed via Control Software Gen. 2.  

Power that Drives the Quantum Future

Our new Generation 2 Gas Handling System and Control Software have been designed to provide the operational flexibility that our customers’ demand, and continue to deliver the reliability, speed and power that the quantum technology industry depends on and expects from Bluefors.

Read more about Gas Handling System Generation 2 on our website, or contact our Sales Engineers for more information.