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Tokyo, Japan

Bluefors Tokyo

Bluefors Tokyo is our sales and service office in Japan. Our team in Tokyo supports our valued Japanese customers, and we maintain a close connection to the local scientific community through our office. Bluefors Tokyo works closely together with Bluefors Helsinki to provide exceptional service and user experience to our Japanese customers.

In Tokyo, there are career opportunities for sales and service professionals. Sales works together with our customers and helps them with their needs. Customer Service Engineers are involved in the installation of our products and solve any technical issues customers might experience. A basic understanding of science and engineering, as well as English communication skills, are desirable for both Sales and Services.

Located in Bunkyo City, Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, a metropolis home to 13 million people. It is also the largest area in Japan for industry and academic research.

Bluefors Tokyo is situated in Bunkyo City, in the middle of the ward area. Bunkyo City is historically known as an academic area of Tokyo and home to the University of Tokyo. Notable institutions for quantum related technologies are all reachable within a day.

The Yushima area in Bunkyo City, where our office is located, has great transportation connections linking it to the rest of the metropolis, while mainly being a quiet residential area.

Bunkyo City offers many attractions, such as the Tokyo Dome City, which includes a theme park, restaurants, shopping mall, sports arena, and many other family activities. There are also many cultural places and historic sites such as Koishikawa-Korakuen, a Japanese garden established in the 17th century.

Benefits of Working at Bluefors Tokyo

At Bluefors Tokyo, we work closely with the customers, who work in cutting-edge research fields such as quantum computing and related technologies. We support them in their research and work.

Working at Bluefors Tokyo not only provides great career opportunities, but also supportive colleagues and a friendly environment.

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