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Bluefors Delft

Bluefors Delft is our R&D Facility in the Netherlands, which provides the Bluefors Lab service. Bluefors Delft is situated in the Netherlands at Delft, which is home to the Quantum Delft ecosystem and the House of Quantum. The facility is located centrally at the Delft University of Technology campus in building 22.


Bluefors Lab

Bluefors Lab offers companies in the early phases of R&D a way to perform quantum experiments without the need to invest in a dilution refrigerator measurement system.


Contact for Daily Lab Operations

Lab Address

Bluefors Netherlands B.V.

Lorentzweg 1
2628 CJ Delft

Accounts Receivable


Working at Bluefors Delft

Are you interested in working at Bluefors Delft? Learn more about the available career opportunities and life at the location.


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