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1000th Bluefors system has been installed

The 1000th Bluefors system has been produced, shipped, and installed. The system was installed for the Schuster Lab at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory which is operated by Stanford University. The 1000th system was an LD Dilution Refrigerator System.

The Schuster Lab with its principal investigator Prof. David Schuster does research on quantum computing and hybrid quantum systems. Originally coming from the University of Chicago, they have recently started operating a lab at Stanford.

Learn more about their work here. We wish Schuster Lab members to have plenty successful outcomes from their future experiments using our 1000th system.

Our aim remains the same, to deliver the most reliable and easy to operate systems on the market which are of the highest possible quality. We look forward to caring for our global community also in the future and delivering for them the next 1000 systems, to be used in cutting edge research done by groups like the Schuster Lab.

Celebrations with Dr. David Schuster group.
1000th Bluefors system being installed.