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Measurement Infrastructure

Bluefors offers integrated Measurement Infrastructure to provide more complete measurement setups for quantum research and other applications. These include high-quality experimental wiring for DC signals, RF signals, and fiber-optic signals, as well as filtering, signal amplification, and diagnostics solutions.

We offer fully integrated Measurement Infrastructure with our Cryogenic Measurement Systems to provide complete measurement setups for all use cases. Our solutions are reliable, accurate, modular, and designed to deliver optimal performance with our systems.

In cryogenic conditions, the quality of the experimental wiring is extremely important as it directly affects experiment temperatures. At Bluefors, we use our cryogenic expertise to develop high-quality experimental wiring solutions. The standard DC and RF wiring solutions can be modified according to the needs of the experiment.

Various additional solutions are available to enable high-fidelity measurements. These include filtering, signal amplification, and diagnostics options that have been developed and tested to work optimally with our wiring.

For any custom wiring requests or other questions about our measurement solutions, please contact our Sales team.

Product Highlights


Measurement Infrastructure


Minimal Thermal Load

Bluefors cryogenic wiring is always provided with proper thermal anchoring and heat sinks to reduce the incoming thermal load. Even a large amount of integrated wiring only has a minimal effect on system performance.

Low-Noise Solutions

The available solutions are low noise, creating as little disturbance to devices as possible. No compromises have been made with the electrical properties of experimental wiring. Even with low excitation currents, the noise levels of Bluefors experimental wiring are very low.

Integrated and Modular Solutions

Measurement Infrastructure products are ready to use with our Cryogenic Measurement Systems. All Bluefors wiring has a modular structure, which makes it easier to install and maintain. Other components have been developed and tested to work optimally with our wiring solutions.

Robust Solutions

Bluefors has developed all the wiring options to operate reliably and to survive repeated thermal cycling in a cryogenic environment.

Tested Performance

All factory-installed Bluefors wiring is tested to perform in the cryogenic environment, and not affect system performance with the passive thermal load introduced.

Boosting Measurement Fidelity

Our products enable high-fidelity measurements within the measurement frequency band. Filtering solutions are available to protect devices from unwanted decoherence. Amplification solutions are offered to optimize the readouts from devices. Diagnostic tools are also available to validate readouts.

Wiring for DC Measurements

Bluefors offers high-quality experimental wiring for direct current (DC) measurements integrated into the cryostat. To guarantee cryogenic performance, all DC wiring is tested at room temperature (RT) and at nitrogen temperature before integration. Finally, the integrated DC wiring is tested while the system is at base temperature.

Wiring for RF Measurements

Cryogenic experiments require special electrical and thermal properties in coaxial wiring. Properties such as low signal loss, EM shielding, and attenuation, together with minimal induced thermal load, proper thermal anchoring, and reliability, become crucial qualities for successful experiments.

Bluefors’ cryogenic coaxial wiring combines excellent electrical and thermal properties for cryogenics. We have developed all our coaxial wiring options to operate reliably and survive repeated thermal cycling in the cryogenic environment. All our assemblies are manufactured and tested at the factory to fulfil the highest quality standards.

Optical Fibers

Bluefors can accommodate optical fiber connections from the Room Temperature to Mixing Chamber Flange for fiber-optic signals.


Bluefors offers filtering solutions integrated into our experimental wiring. The IR Filter protects sensitive quantum devices from high-energy photons that might cause unwanted heating or decoherence. See also QDevil‘s QFilter, which is a compact multi-stage low-pass filter. It is an option for Twisted Pair Wiring.


Cryogenic diagnostics tools enable the accurate calibration of cryogenic measurement infrastructure to improve measurement fidelity.


Amplifiers are integrated into our wiring to optimize the readout signals from devices. Our solutions are designed to boost the measurement fidelity while adding a minimal amount of noise.

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