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Enhanced User Experience with the Temperature Controller

To improve the user experience of our cryogenic systems, we are introducing the Bluefors Temperature Controller. With a modern and intuitive user interface, you gain direct control and overview of the dilution refrigerator system’s temperature status.

The Bluefors Temperature Controller is fully-integrated to all dilution refrigerator systems delivered from early summer 2020.

8 temperature channels

  • Temperature measurement below 10 mK with resistive thermometry
  • Current excitation amplitude range: 100 pA−10 µA
  • Resistance range: 0.1 Ohm−1.2 MOhm

4 heater controls

  • Heater power: up to 1.2 W/control
  • Heater modes: manual or closed-loop mode (PID-controlled from the temperature channel)

User interface

  • Intuitive touch screen on the device
  • Also available through an external web browser connected to the internal server of the device

Application programming interface (API)

  • Ethernet interface
  • Any programming language supporting REST, WebSocket, and MQTT protocols can be used
  • For example, Python can be used directly for writing control scripts

For any questions about the Temperature Controller, contact our sales team.