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New Low-loss and High-loss IR Filters available

We are now introducing new Low-loss and High-loss Infrared Filters (IR Filters), integrated into our wiring solutions. With these new products, we can offer our customers more options for protecting their quantum devices.

Infrared Filters to Protect Your Quantum Devices

IR Filters protect sensitive quantum devices from high-energy photons that can cause unwanted heating or decoherence. In addition, they improve the thermalization of the center conductor in a coaxial line. For this reason, we have integrated IR filtering solutions into our experimental wiring.

The two new IR Filters, Low-loss, and High-loss IR Filters, provide more options for filtering infrared radiation, as they are optimized for different passbands. The Low-loss Infrared Filter has a passband of DC – 8 GHz, while the High-loss Infrared Filter is optimized for DC – 1 GHz.

The filters are designed with an attenuator footprint and can be directly installed between a flange feedthrough bulkhead and a coaxial cable. Both filters have SMA jack (female) and SMA plug (male) connectors. Learn more about the filters here.

Filtering Solutions for Quantum Applications

Bluefors offers integrated Measurement Infrastructure designed especially for quantum applications. We constantly work to broaden our available selection. Contact our Sales team to know more about our new IR Filters and about other Measurement Infrastructure products.