Introducing KIDE – Large-scale cryogenic platform

November 18, 2021/by Helen Hofmann

New benchmark data for infrastructure of superconducting qubit measurements

June 3, 2021/by Sheila Surban

New Tool Enables Noise Temperature Measurements of Qubit Readout Lines

May 11, 2021/by Ulla Owens

Bluefors and DevCo Partnership

April 21, 2021/by Sheila Surban

The Bluefors Dilution Refrigerator as an Integrated Quantum Measurement System

April 20, 2021/by Sheila Surban

Protecting Your Quantum Devices from Radiative Heating

March 19, 2021/by Ulla Owens

Cryogenic Variable-Temperature Noise Source

March 16, 2021/by Sheila Surban

Linde and Bluefors to Jointly Develop Cryogenic Cooling Solutions for Large-Scale Quantum Computing technology

March 15, 2021/by Sheila Surban

QDevil X Bluefors

March 3, 2021/by Sheila Surban

A shoutout for The Finnish School of Watchmaking (Kelloseppäkoulu)

December 10, 2020/by Sheila Surban

Be Part of a Growing Team with a Passion for Progress

December 3, 2020/by Sheila Surban

Bluefors in Brooklyn!

October 21, 2020/by Sheila Surban

Bluefors X Swagelok Partnership

September 15, 2020/by Helen Hofmann

Olli V. Lounasmaa Memorial Prize 2020

September 4, 2020/by ingela

Complete Transformation of Factory

August 27, 2020/by ingela

Installing Dilution Refrigerator Systems Remotely

July 9, 2020/by Ulla Owens

We Updated Our Privacy Policy

June 12, 2020/by Ulla Owens

Bluefors Operations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 26, 2020/by ingela

Enhanced User Experience with the Temperature Controller

February 28, 2020/by Ulla Owens

Bluefors Receives Manufacturer of the Year 2020 Award

November 28, 2019/by ingela

Bluefors Supporting the Olli V. Lounasmaa Memorial Prize

October 31, 2019/by ingela

Bluefors’ New Facilities Enable Scalable Dilution Refrigerator Production

October 31, 2019/by ingela

Appealing for the Finnish School of Watchmaking

October 14, 2019/by Ulla Owens

Hi-Mech Competence as a Success Factor

March 15, 2019/by Ulla Owens

The Cryogenic Wafer Prober

February 28, 2019/by Ulla Owens

Santa Brings LHQS New LD400 from Bluefors

January 10, 2019/by Ulla Owens

Bluefors Is Part of EU Funded OpenSuperQ Quantum Computing Development Project

November 12, 2018/by bluefors

Innovation Quarter about Collaboration in Delft

October 5, 2018/by Ulla Owens

Bluefors to Open an R&D Facility on the TU Delft Campus.

October 4, 2018/by bluefors

Opening a new office in Germany

August 14, 2018/by bluefors