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The Story So Far…

In only 15 years, Bluefors has grown from modest beginnings to a global market leader. Our journey has taken us from strength to strength — and we’re only getting started.

The Birth of Cool

In 2005, Rob Blaauwgeers (PhD physics, Leiden University / Helsinki University of Technology) was hired by the renowned Low Temperature Laboratory (LTL) at Helsinki University of Technology (now known as the Low Temperature Laboratory at Aalto University) to move and upgrade all of their dilution refrigerator systems. One of the tasks was to construct a versatile, fully automated gas handling system capable of working in combination with all the different dilution refrigerator systems. At the same time Rob started to develop the first cryogen-free dilution refrigerator system for the LTL.

In the summer of 2006, the newly developed gas handling system underwent first tests in combination with the first prototype of the cryogen-free (“dry”) dilution refrigerator system. It became immediately apparent how simple and easy it was to operate the fully automated cryogen-free dilution refrigerator system as compared to a conventional “wet” dilution refrigerator system. The great interest that followed lead to the business idea of commercializing these systems.

Rob contacted study friend and cryogenic engineer Pieter Vorselman (MSc physics, Leiden University). Together they optimized the automated cryogen-free dilution refrigerator system for reliability, ease-of-use and performance. In 2007 the first system was taken into use by the NANO group of the LTL and shortly after, in 2008, BlueFors Cryogenics was founded.

Bluefors quickly established itself as a market leader in the field of cryogen-free ultra-low temperature systems, commonly referred to as “DR systems” or “dil fridges”. The company is today known as Bluefors with more than 600 employees and has an annual revenue of over 190 million euros. The name Bluefors reflect the founders’ names, Blaauwgeers and Vorselman.

In April 2021 Bluefors formed a long-term partnership with Helsinki based DevCo Partners Oy to support the company’s next growth phase. DevCo became co-owner in Bluefors and brought complementary know-how related to building world leading companies. Rob and Pieter will continue as co-owners and in their current operational roles – and will have an instrumental role going forward. The long-term partnership will enable Bluefors to focus on continuing to push the technology boundaries, innovate new products, and develop services to improve customer experience in a rapidly developing market with changing customer needs.

Growing Stronger Together

In 2023, Bluefors announced the acquisition of Cryomech, the pioneering cryocooler technology and manufacturing company based in Syracuse, New York, USA. Cryomech brings 60 years of history and expertise in cryogenics to Bluefors.

“Joining forces with our new team in Syracuse is a major milestone for Bluefors,” says Rob Blaauwgeers, CEO and founder of Bluefors. “Having a comprehensive portfolio of cryogenic products that get us from room temperature to the coldest temperatures on the planet, will strengthen our position to continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in the future as well.”

“We’re glad to be part of the Bluefors team,” says Rich Dausman, who continues to lead the team and operation based in Syracuse, which continues to be the home for the existing Cryomech products and services portfolio. “Together we will continue to take care of all our co-workers and customers around the world while growing in the rapidly developing ultra-low temperature cryogenics market.”

In May 2023, Bluefors also announced the acquisition of Rockgate, a distributor of cryogenic equipment, based in Tokyo, Japan. With the acquisition Bluefors established direct sales and service presence in the Japanese cryogenics technology market

Following the acquisitions, Bluefors now has over 600 employees and cryogenics experts in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, and the USA. With the Cryomech acquisition, Bluefors became an important part of the US-based supply chain for cryogenic products used in quantum technology, fundamental physics research and other select industries, while also strengthening the presence for our Cryomech portfolio in Europe.

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