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Bluefors Lab

Bluefors Lab provides easy and convenient access to a cryogenic measurement system for startups, research groups, and other organizations. Test quantum hardware and software, or carry out research and experiments to prove your work without the need to invest in a complete system.

Service Overview

Low-Risk Testing Solution

At Bluefors, we want to enable the quantum technology breakthrough — and we believe one way to do that is to help companies succeed in their R&D and contribute to the development of the quantum ecosystem.

That’s why we created the Bluefors Lab service.

Bluefors Lab provides easy and convenient access to a cryogenic measurement system for testing quantum hardware and software. Through the service, startups, research groups, and other organizations get to work with a leading technology partner within the global quantum ecosystem, using our industry-leading technology to carry out experiments and validate their work.

Cryogenic Measurement System For R&D

Quick, convenient, and secure access to a millikelvin measurement system for R&D purposes.

Consultation and Support

Consultation and support for experiments from Bluefors experts.

Laboratory Staff

Bluefors specialists are responsible for operating and handling the dilution refrigerator measurement system, so you can focus on results.

Service Features


Bluefors Lab


Bluefors Lab offers companies in early R&D phases a way to perform quantum measurements, without the need to invest in a complete dilution refrigerator measurement system.

The Bluefors Lab focuses primarily on supporting research projects that involve electrical measurements of devices operating at millikelvin temperatures, but the hardware and the cooling system have been selected to enable multiple user applications. As such, the Lab offers an opportunity to test quantum applications, as well as other types of research.

The lab provides a low-risk route to test solutions before investing in a permanent, owned system that meets your own specifications. Successful experiments can be carried out through a flexible service that provides protection for intellectual property right. Experiments are typically carried out with support and consultation in 2–8-week periods.

Bluefors Lab gives customers rapid access to a ready-made cryogenic measurement system, and the opportunity to work with and establish long-term development and cooperation with a leading technology partner.

Consultation and Support

Experiments at the Bluefors Lab are carried out with consultation and support from Bluefors. The consultation is provided to better enable the experiments to succeed. The support we provide makes sure that the cryogenic measurement system operates as specified.

Before any experiments begin, we consult with users on how they can optimize their time to be as efficient and successful as possible. Afterwards, we help you move forward from the first round of experiments to the following ones.

During experiments, a Bluefors Cryo Engineer is present on-site to ensure the success of measurements by taking care of the system operation. The laboratory staff is fully responsible for handling and operating the dilution refrigerator measurement system. This includes the following procedures:

  • Modifying the cryogenic components in the wiring channels
  • Opening and closing the cryostat shields
  • Cooldown and warm-up of the system
  • Filling in the LN2 Trap
  • Maintenance of the system and Bluefors electronics

Your Journey at the Bluefors Lab

Your journey with us consists of an onboarding phase, collaborative phases before and after the experimentation, and actual experimentation phase itself.

1. Onboarding

Experiment planning and proposal, finalizing due diligence, scheduling, and signing an agreement.

2. Planning

Preparations during the measurement period: planning, introduction, installations, testing, and cooldown.

3. Experimentation

Experimentation at the lab, controlling the experiment and status checks. Removing the experiment at the end of the phase.

4. Analyzing

Analyzing the data, updating and adjusting the long-term plan, and preparing for the next experiment.


“Bluefors Delft Lab is an integral part of our product development process. Having a convenient and well-maintained setup at the Bluefors Lab is having measurable impact on the speed and quality of our product development.”

Vishal Chatrath, Co-Founder & CEO, QuantrolOx

Customer CASE

Delft Facility and Equipment


Bluefors Lab


The Bluefors Lab is situated at Delft in the Netherlands. Delft is centrally located in Europe, and easily reachable from all around the world, with good transit connections. Delft is home to the Quantum Delft ecosystem and the House of Quantum. The facility is located centrally at the Delft University of Technology campus in building 22.

Equipment Provided at Delft

The Bluefors Lab in Delft consists of a LD 400 Dilution Refrigerator Measurement System and Orange Rack control electronics for flux-tunable Transmon diagnostics. The setup was designed to include a basic suite of qubit measurement electronics to provide the needed infrastructure for quantum research and development.

Additional hardware can be added (or provided hardware replaced) based on experimental needs. Additional hardware can be provided by the user or sourced by Bluefors.

Remote access is available for monitoring experiments off-site.

The service includes basic operation of the LD 400 Dilution Refrigerator Measurement System, equipped with RF coaxial wiring and DC twisted pair wiring. The LD System is our most sold dilution refrigerator measurement system, and it suits many different experimental needs because of its versatility. The LD400 system typically provides more than 15 µW at 20 mK on the experimental flange. In addition, it has a high cooling power of ∼0.5 mW when operated at 100 mK. The versatile LD System provides the opportunity for vast choice of options, and it can be tailored to meet various measurement setup requirements. Learn more about the system here.

The Bluefors Lab features an Orange Rack Transmon 2 as the room temperature control electronics with AWG qubit control modules which directly outputs RF signals in the range from 2-18 GHz, a readout module containing LOs, IQ mixing, and digitizers, step attenuator. The rack is capable of 2-qubit characterization and consists of the following components:

  • Qblox Cluster, including:
    • Qblox QRM-RF, 2-channel RF readout module
    • Qblox QCM-RF, 2-channel RF control module
    • Qblox QCM, 4-channel Flux Pulsing module
  • SPI Rack, including:
    • S4g, 4-channel DC source for flux biasing
  • Source Measure Unit Instrument for DC characterization
  • Spectrum Analyzer for signal monitoring in the frequency space
  • Oscilloscope for real-time signal monitoring
  • Mounted PC for running experiments and data storage, with Quantify pre-installed. Quantify is a Python-based open-source data acquisition platform focused on quantum computing and solid-state physics experiments.
  • SMA cables connecting the rack to the cryostat
  • Other tools may be included (as available)

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