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Bluefors Now Providing Cryomech Sales and Service Directly in Japan

Beginning in January 2024, Bluefors is now handling Cryomech sales and service directly in Japan through our Tokyo office. This enables our customers in Japan to receive Cryomech and Bluefors product support from a single source, with the same Bluefors expertise.

In 2023, Cryomech became part of Bluefors, and Bluefors also established a direct sales and service presence in the Japanese cryogenics technology market. This collaboration is now strengthened with Cryomech sales and service in Japan handled by Bluefors Tokyo.

Cryomech products include industry-leading cryocoolers, liquid helium management systems, cryostats, cold helium circulation systems, and liquid nitrogen plants. The products are used in quantum technology, fundamental physics research, medical and life sciences, and clean energy.

“We are eager to start serving our customers with Cryomech products. We’re confident they will receive even better customer support from now on,” said Managing Director Tsuyoshi Ohta.

“It’s exciting that we can now directly serve our Japanese customers locally through our Tokyo office. With this change, we have a larger sales and service team in Japan, enabling us to be closer to our customers there,” concluded Nigel Ottman, OEM Manager for Cryomech products.

For our Japanese customers, contacting Cryomech sales and service remains as easy as before. You can get in touch directly with your contact person at Bluefors Tokyo, or contact us through our Contact page with sales requests, or on our Support page with service requests.