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A New Helium Recovery Solution for Single NMR Units

Bluefors today released the Cryomech HeRL02-RM – a new Helium Reliquefier designed specifically for helium recovery from a single Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrument.

NMRs utilize superconducting magnets which need liquid helium for cooling. Since 2022, the world has faced the latest in a series of helium shortages. This has affected the NMR industry, causing severe supply issues and soaring helium prices.

The HeRL02-RM helps ease these issues and provides additional benefits aimed at NMR spectroscopy use cases.

Say Goodbye to Helium Supply Issues

Helium Reliquefiers play a vital role in conserving helium. The HeRL02-RM creates a closed-loop, zero-boil-off system for NMR magnets. Boiled-off helium is passed through a vapor return line to the Pulse Tube Cryocooler-powered reliquefier, which instantly liquefies the boil-off and returns it to the magnet’s helium bath.

By recycling the existing helium in the system, the HeRL02-RM safeguards users against helium supply issues and insulates against helium price fluctuations.

Customers can stop worrying about refilling helium and let the reliquefier do the work for them.

Specifically Designed for NMR

While Cryomech has offered a range of Helium Reliquefiers for many years, this is the first product on the market to be specifically designed and manufactured to meet the capacity of an NMR magnet.

As an additional design consideration for the NMR market, the HeRL02-RM utilizes a remote motor to minimize any vibrations that might interfere with sensitive NMR spectroscopy. The HeRL02-RM has been field tested on multiple units of varying magnet strength with no effect on the results.

The system can be easily installed directly into an existing fill port, making it simple to add to existing NMR units. And once installed, the new system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, reliably, automatically, and safely.

Less downtime. More experimentation time.

With no need for helium refills, NMR system downtime is reduced, providing more time for experimentation. With a closed-loop, zero-boil-off system magnet, quench risk is reduced as well.

The system is powered by a Cryomech Pulse Tube Cryocooler, designed for high reliability with long mean times between maintenance, and a warranty of three years or 12 000 hours on parts and materials.

The Cryomech HeRL02-RM Helium Reliquefier is an ideal solution for small laboratories with one to three NMR systems, and organizations with dispersed magnets.

For facilities with greater helium boil off, Bluefors continues to offer full scale helium recovery solutions.

Read about the HeRL02-RM on our website or contact our sales team for further information.