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QDevil X Bluefors

We are excited to announce our new cooperation with QDevil and welcome the QDevil QFilter to the family of Bluefors Products. QDevil aims to accelerate the science in quantum electronics laboratories, by allowing scientists to focus their effort on the science, rather than constructing auxiliary equipment that has already been developed. QDevil has already a proven track record of successful installations at leading quantum computing research groups in universities and technology companies worldwide.

We at Bluefors share the same values and mindset of quality as QDevil and we believe that this will be a great basis for the cooperation. Through this collaboration, Bluefors will continuously serve customers better by delivering dilution refrigerator measurement systems with installed filters that already are designed to fit our dilution refrigerator measurement systems.

Let us introduce the QFilter in Bluefors measurement systems. The QFilter has its origin in the evolution in Quantum Physics research in semiconductor materials, low temperature refrigerators and refined electrical characterization techniques. The benefit is the filtering of the electrical noise and the outstanding thermalization of electrons.

QFilter is a compact multi-stage low-pass filter which rejects noise and ensures milli-Kelvin electron temperature in up to 24 signal lines going to your quantum electronics devices and other sensitive cryogenic and low-temperature electronic circuits. It is the result of several years of development at Harvard University and the University of Copenhagen on achieving the lowest possible noise and electron temperature in quantum circuits. The standard QFilter contains two low-pass filter banks, one with RC circuits and one with LC circuits, but other combinations can also be supplied.

Photo courtesy of QDevil

To describe the QFilter in a nutshell: It has one audio frequency (RC) and one radio frequency (RF) filter board with 24 low-pass channels each. It is designed for easy mounting on the mixing chamber plate of Bluefors dilution refrigerators and is presented in a sturdy design making it possible to stack or piggy tail multiple filters for higher channel counts. The QFilters are compatible with low temperature and high magnetic field environments. The signal lines are thermally anchored to non-magnetic gold-plated copper brackets and are interfaced with non-magnetic shielded 25-pin microD connectors compatible with the ones used in Bluefors Twisted Pair Wiring and installed in our dilution refrigerator measurement systems.   

We noticed reoccurring requests to have filters delivered with our measurement systems. The QFilter will be included in a product package with our wiring. For more information, contact our Sales team

Photo courtesy of John Morton – UCL