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Bluefors Publishes New Code of Conduct

Today we are introducing our updated Code of Conduct – our keystone document for all our policies and guidelines through which we operate.

As a growing company now operating in the US, Europe and Asia, we want to promote responsible business conduct and carry out our work in an ethically sustainable way.  Our Code of Conduct guides us in our duties and relationships with our colleagues, customers, suppliers, shareholders and business partners.

At Bluefors, we want to have a positive impact on people and businesses around the world, and aim to exceed the legal requirements of the countries in which we operate. The Code of Conduct is the cornerstone for our strong values, our commitment to compliance, and reflects the cool culture we want to exemplify.

As our CEO, Jonas Geust, writes, “The Code of Conduct reminds us that innovation is not just about groundbreaking ideas, but also about embracing responsible practices, asking the right questions, and learning from every experience.”

You can find the full Code of Conduct at the link below, as well as a link to our anonymous Whistleblowing Channel.