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Looking back at the APS March Meeting 2023

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Not for Bluefors. APS March Meeting 2023 kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada this year, and we were excited to showcase our product and services updates there. Therefore, we travelled with a fairly big crew to the Western US for the March Meeting to present our scientific presentations and product updates, as this meeting is the most important event for physicists in the USA and globally. On top of that, it is a great opportunity to meet with our customers, business partners, suppliers, and friends.

We arrived with 18 Blueforsians after a long flight from Helsinki. Once we arrived, we were happy to gather together on the first day of the show to start an exciting week of research presentations, product showcases and networking.

Cryogenic Measurement Systems on Show

Our booth was spacious and provided enough opportunities to meet with visitors and to even present our cryogenic measurement systems. Inside the booth we had meeting spaces in the shape of the large KIDE Cryogenic Platform, which is ready to house more than 1 000 qubits, and we presented our latest product video of KIDE on the screens in our booth. Furthermore, we displayed a fully wired XLDsl as well as our famous LD and SD systems.

Launching Services

For APS, we launched our new service offering, with two services key services revealed: Total System Care and the Bluefors Lab in Delft. Total System Care is a service designed to provide the core maintenance of cryogenic measurement systems for our customers. With this service, we can now ensure optimal performance and maximal uptime for users of Bluefors systems. We made a video to promote Every Cool Second Counts.

Bluefors Lab in Delft provides companies in the early phases of R&D a way to perform quantum measurements, without the need to invest into a dilution refrigerator measurement system. Bluefors is proud to be part of Quantum Delft’s Ecosystem, as it is an important community that has a big impact on the progress of the European Quantum Ecosystem.

Scientific Presentations by the Quantum Applications Team

On Wednesday, our Quantum Applications team was in action at session Q72. Scientist Quantum Applications Slawomir Simbierowicz and Director Quantum Applications Russell Lake were both presenting at Q72: “Superconducting and Semiconductor Qubits: I/O, Packaging, and 3D Integration II.”

Scientist Quantum Applications Slawomir Simbierowicz presenting “Quantifying the power radiated to a qubit through its control lines”.

“Quantifying the power radiated to a qubit through its control lines” was presented by Slawomir Simbierowicz, where measurements of the power radiated to a quantum device were reported. The measurements were recorded using an in situ hot electron microwave nanobolometer with a designed-50- Ω absorber that is coupled to a coaxial input. First, the nanobolometer was calibrated by connecting a temperature-controlled blackbody source spanning the range 0.1 K –0.5 K. Second, applying a microwave tone at 5.8 GHz, we measure the background radiated power and attenuation from the passive components in the drive line. Finally, we obtain the thermal latencies of those components. The results are crucial for understanding and suppressing qubit dephasing due to photon shot noise.

Director Quantum Applications Russell Lake presenting “Noise and signal distortions in qubit wiring.”

Russell Lake was presenting “Noise and signal distortions in qubit wiring.” In the talk, recent measurements to accurately characterize cryogenic qubit control and readout lines at microwave frequencies were highlighted. The results provide a methodology for extrapolating system-level performance metrics for the i/o of large-scale quantum computers based on individual wiring components.

Thank you to everyone who joined the session.

Meeting Bright Minds at the Jobs Expo

We were also present at the Jobs Expo, since we offer physicists Cryo Engineer, Sales Engineer, and R&D Engineer positions in the US and in Europe. We were pleased to meet all the bright minds who visited us there, and we will stay in touch. If you have missed us at the Jobs Expo during APS, please check out our open positions here and apply.

Bluefors at the APS March Meeting 2023 Jobs Expo.

Northern Lights Workshop in Washington

While APS was in full swing, there was an interesting event happening concurrently in the US, where some of our team members went as well.

Our COO and Deputy CEO, Jonas Geust and Sauli Sinisalo, VP and General Manager were honored to join the Northern Lights event that has happened on March 9 in the Embassy of Finland in Washington DC where the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö participated and gave the opening speech. The Northern Lights event aimed democratic nations to collaborate more closely on defense and new technology. Leading American and Finnish business and policy experts met at this workshop to strengthening ties.

COO and Deputy CEO Jonas Geust presenting Bluefors at the Northern Lights Workshop.

See You Next Year

We had a fabulous time in Las Vegas at the APS March Meeting. It was a pleasure to meet you all in the Exhibit Hall, at the talks, and around the venue.

We cannot wait to be back next year, see you in Minneapolis!

Packing up after APS March Meeting 2023.