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Expanding Our Capabilities: Facility and Production Growth

The rapid advancements in quantum technology are remarkable, and here at Bluefors we embrace the challenge of keeping pace with this progress. For the past 15 years, we have consistently manufactured our cryogenic measurement systems, delivering over 1250 units worldwide, all of which are still operational. However, as the industry grows, our production capacity must also grow so we can support the evolving needs of our customers. To achieve this, we persistently enhance our facilities and refine our production processes. Dive in to discover the measures we’ve taken to accomplish this goal.

Recent Expansion Milestones

As our company continues to grow, so too does our infrastructure. Our main facility in Helsinki, which opened its doors in 2019, houses offices, an R&D lab, and production areas, including the Cryohall. In November 2023, we expanded further, opening a new facility tailored for production, finishing, warehousing, and office needs.

The Cryohall is the cornerstone of our production process, dedicated to the final assembly and testing of dilution refrigerators. This area has recently been upgraded with new assembly bays, increasing the number of bays by 25%. Additionally, we have a dedicated space to assemble and test our KIDE Cryogenic Platform, allowing for the simultaneous production of several units.

Bluefors Syracuse’s facility is also undergoing a significant upgrade this fall, expanding its size by almost 45%. Set to open in September, the expansion adds more office, warehouse, storage, shipping, and receiving space. This upgrade will increase testing capacity and enable throughput to double the current capacity. Overall, the expansion provides ample room for the future growth of Bluefors Syracuse’s operations.

Bluefors Syracuse’s facility expansion underway.

Cool Facilities, Cooler Production Processes

While expanding our production facilities is a vital part of keeping up with demand, it is in reality only half the story. Many of the improvements we have made are behind the scenes, refining the processes that support and enhance production efficiency. For example, production now operates in parallel rather than solely in series, and we have adopted LEAN processes to reduce any waste of time or resources. This focus on efficiency has already given real results, including reduced delivery times and less production backlog. LEAN development also enables us to grow our production smarter.

The shift towards line production has optimized workflows, significantly reducing throughput times, particularly in the Cryohall. Increased automation has been integrated to improve the speed, quality, and especially volume of production. For example, the use of collaborative robots (cobots) has significantly reduced production time.

Continuously improving our processes is vital for growth. The rapid completion of the first KIDE Cryogenic Platform from concept to delivery serves as proof that refined production capabilities and processes can have a hugely positive impact for all our customers and the industry as a whole.

Space in our new facility in Helsinki opened in November 2023.

Growing Sustainably

Our commitment to sustainability is a core part of our growth strategy. We want to ensure that our plans are well-considered, enduring, and support our customer’s needs. A key part our strategy is to look beyond production itself, and take into consideration the entire product lifecycle.

We aim to reduce emissions across the entire value chain, from our suppliers to our own operations and product usage. By improving the circularity of our production and integrating sustainability into our product design, we provide resource-efficient, modular systems that are both recyclable and upgradable. This ensures our solutions also help our customers meet their own sustainability goals.

Our Total System Care program offers preventative maintenance to extend product lifespans further. Additionally, we have long-term R&D projects focused on reducing materials, minimizing system size, and enhancing resource efficiency.

The most valuable part of our production processes is the people behind them. Investing in employee wellbeing, building trust, and fostering a supportive workplace culture are key to improving our performance. Career development support and training programs increase skills and productivity, while ensuring a safe working environment further strengthens our overall production capabilities and contributes to the quality and safety of our products.

By manufacturing sustainably, we are manufacturing smarter.

Our main facility in Helsinki, which opened its doors in 2019.

Cool for Progress, Ready for Success

To conclude, we consistently anticipate and prepare for the future, whether it’s next year or five years down the line. Our ongoing efforts to streamline production ensure shorter and more predictable delivery times. Through the implementation of LEAN development and increased automation, we’ve made significant strides in refining our production processes.

The expansion of our Cryohall bays, along with the recent opening of new facilities in Helsinki and in Syracuse, underscore our commitment to the industrialization of our expertise.

Central to all these endeavors is our dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence for our customers. We’ve built in the flexibility to seamlessly scale up, rationalize processes, enhance efficiency, and deliver products faster, and with even greater quality.

By laying a robust and sustainable foundation for the future of our company, we’re ensuring that we continue to deliver the benchmark products that support our customer’s growth.

If you want to learn more about our company, visit our Company pages. For more insights on our commitment to sustainability, explore our Sustainability pages.