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Total System Care Ensures Your Cool Seconds

Bluefors Total System Care is designed to provide the core maintenance of cryogenic measurement systems for the customer. Customers with this service will receive effective planned maintenance for their systems and quick service visit response times, to maximize the cool seconds they have at their disposal.

In essence, Total System Care enables the users of Bluefors systems to focus on their own  work – doing research and measurements.

Every Cool Second Counts

When a Bluefors system is installed, it’s not the end of our relationship. Rather it is the beginning, as our system’s life starts at the installation, and with our services we will support you throughout the lifetime of a system. It is our responsibility to keep Bluefors systems running as long as possible, make sure they perform optimally, and enable the highest possible uptime.

“For us, it is only after the unboxing and installation, that our systems come to life. In the past we have provided customer care to take care of any issues affecting our systems. Now we want to take this further and prevent these issues from happening. With the Total System Care, we can ensure that our systems perform reliably and in a predictable way, enabling even the most challenging experiments,” commented Chief Technical Operations Officer Anssi Salmela.

Total System Care is offered with two different flexible service levels, with Core package focusing on planned maintenance and Extended package providing quick on-call service in addition.

Take the Best to the Max with the Core Package

In the Core package, the annual visit is the core of the service and enables the maximization of system performance. During it the systems will get health-checks and receive routine maintenance. This also provides the opportunity to train users on system operations.

The annual system health-check includes our Cryo Engineer doing a cooldown and warm-up cycle on the system, while logging the system performance. With the information gathered here, we can analyze the system performance and see if there are any issues hindering it. Then optimizations can be done during the yearly maintenance. With the annual health-checks, you will also receive peace of mind with aging systems and know that they are still operating on the same high-performance level.

During the yearly visit, routine maintenance will then be done to the system to ensure system longevity. This is done according to the system periodic maintenance plan, with health-check results taken into account. This way any potential issues can be taken care of in advance, minimizing the chance for possible failures. Spare parts are also included in the maintenance done. Spare parts provided will be original parts designed for our systems, ensuring that the system performs optimally.

Annual visits also include operational training for the system use. This ensures the optimal use of systems and proactive ownership. During the trainings, all the staff can be trained to the same level as was originally done during the installation of the system. This way any new additions to the staff can be ensured to have the same knowledge as more senior members.

With these maintenance services provided by Bluefors, system users can just focus on their own work and enjoy the high-performance they receive from the system.

Rapid Response When Needed with the Extended Package

Total System Care Extended provides the same benefits as Core package, but in addition has the added benefit of a fast response when needed. In case of any issues, there is technical support available on call and on-call service is provided.

On-call service means service visits, which can be requested whenever in case of issues. With the service, arrival at the customer site within 3 business days is ensured, so that any issues can be responded to quickly.

Technical support provided on call is available during business hours in the US and the EU. This way you can reach us at the very moment you require help, and we can then respond to your need immediately. Our customer support will continue to provide the same technical support to our customers as before, but with Total System Care’s Extended package we can now offer our customers more.

To the Quantum Breakthrough and Beyond

We are here to enable the quantum technology breakthrough, to support scientists and industries to go further, to allow new innovations. With Total System Care we aim to fulfil this mission even better. Breakthroughs and innovations are possible, when the people creating them have all the cool seconds possible available to them. Contact our Sales Engineers to know more and maximize the cool seconds at your team’s disposal.