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Cool People – Parker’s Story

Parker Bready, a service engineer at Bluefors Syracuse, began his journey with the company in 2020. Fresh out of college, he entered the engineering field with anticipation and excitement. Parker has enjoyed his time with the company, especially due to the diverse nature of his work. Read on to discover more about Parker’s journey of professional growth.

Evolving into an Engineer

From a young age, Parker was fascinated by how things were made. His curiosity grew into a love for working on cars and small engines during his teens. Enjoying hands-on problem-solving, he initially pursued an automotive tech major in college but switched to engineering for broader opportunities. Engineering appealed to him as it combined his passion for hands-on work with the challenge of solving problems both independently and collaboratively.

Parker graduated from college in December 2019 and headed straight to the job market. Shortly after, he was interviewed for a position at Cryomech, and it was the perfect match! “I was happy to get the job offer and started as a Service Engineer – but back then I didn’t know the cryocooler product that well. Either way, I was very excited to enter the engineering field”, Parker tells.

Transitioning from studies to the professional world was a blend of excitement and nerves for Parker. “I had worked in many different environments over the years, from bricklaying and managing a crew of 2-3 guys to working in a factory as a maintenance technician,” Parker shares. However, stepping into the role of an engineer posed new challenges. Shortly after Parker started, the COVID pandemic added another layer of uncertainty to the beginning of Parker’s career.

Nevertheless, with the help of his colleagues, Parker gradually adapted to his new role. “My colleagues were super supportive and willing to teach me everything I needed to know to get established as a young engineer.”

Service Engineer in Action

Parker holds the title of Service Engineer, the same position he applied for and secured four years ago. However, his work has evolved significantly since then. “I now handle a wide range of responsibilities and interact more directly with customers compared to when I was learning the product line,” Parker explains.

Reflecting on his college studies in mechanical engineering, Parker notes that the core courses prepared him well for his daily tasks, which combine practical problem-solving with theoretical approaches. At the same time, he acknowledges differences: “In college, problem-solving was more linear, whereas in the workplace, there’s a variety of methods to address and resolve customer equipment issues.”

Parker especially enjoys the variety of his role, with every day being different. “I help plan site setups, and sell, install and service our diverse product line. I enjoy helping our customers and love learning new things while doing it,” he tells. Parker also enjoys participating in events and career fairs, where he can share what Bluefors does and the impact of our products all over the world. “This is a fast-paced environment where it’s easy to keep myself busy and keep learning!”

New Colleagues, New Horizons

Since Bluefors acquired Cryomech in spring 2023, Parker’s journey has been developing further with more new colleagues. According to Parker, it’s been an insightful journey, and although much has stayed the same, there are many positive new things. “The customer base is a big change: I’ve got to interact with a much wider range of customers and learned more about the processes at the same time,” Parker notes.

“We keep growing as a company and having more impact on the world, which is amazing. Getting new Japanese colleagues last year, our facility expanding here in Syracuse, and much more…I feel very fortunate to be able to see so much development here.”

Parker notes the importance of the shared commitment of both companies in delivering quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. This common ground strongly motivates him to seek further professional growth. “I want to continue my education and certification work because I know how highly valued it is within the company.”

Looking ahead, Parker plans to pursue a master’s degree in either advanced technology or technology management. “I want to continue to add to my ‘toolbox’ and strive to become the best engineer I can be to best serve the customer base and contribute to our team” Parker says. He also wants to increase his volunteering work and share his experiences by mentoring and supporting aspiring young engineers as they navigate their paths in the company and the broader engineering field.

Growth Through Communication

When asked about his professional growth, Parker highlights interpersonal communication as his most significant advancement. “I communicate with customers all over the world daily from all backgrounds. Being able to communicate clearly and concisely in a positive manner is of the upward most importance in my role as a service engineer.”

Internal collaboration is also an important aspect of Parker’s job. “In my position I collaborate with almost everyone – Sales, R&D, HR, Marketing…I’ve had the opportunity to a part of a lot of cool projects!” he explains. Parker believes that investing time and effort in strengthening internal relationships is essential. “Internal relationship building means better quality for the customers, too. Internally communicating with my colleagues grows the connection between departments and helps evolve my external communication with the customer base.”

Join the Team

Parker describes Bluefors as a place where cultures come together, which he finds to be one of the company’s greatest strengths. “Here, you can truly be yourself and grow alongside others,” he shares. Parker also highlights the supportiveness of the environment, noting that colleagues genuinely care about each other and encourage asking for help. “Along the way, I’ve been fortunate to build friendships with many colleagues,” he adds.

At Bluefors, we embrace development through continuous learning — we’re cool for progress, just like Parker. Innovation, communication, and collaboration are at the core of everything we do.

Has Parker’s story sparked your interest in diving into the world of cutting-edge technology? Explore our open positions and become part of our team of passionate professionals!