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Cool People – Monica’s Story

Monica Mera began her adventure with Bluefors in August 2020, starting out as an Assembler in Vacuum Assembly. Today, she proudly serves as a Technician in the same team. Monica’s journey exemplifies the diverse avenues for growth and development within Bluefors, showcasing how individuals from many different backgrounds can thrive here.

From Hospitality to High Tech

Before Monica joined Bluefors, she was working in the hospitality industry in countries such as Spain, the United States, and Finland. However, in April 2020, she and many other people around the world faced a setback when, because of the pandemic, she was laid off from her job.

Since job opportunities in the hospitality sector at that time were scarce, Monica decided to broaden her search, and applied for a position as an Assembler at Bluefors. Happily, she ended up securing the job – and took the first step in her new career.

Persistence Pays Off

Monica’s dive into the unknown was not without its challenges. She candidly admits that she made nearly every mistake possible when she first started. However, she took this experience as a catalyst for growth rather than discouragement. “I felt like: if it’s doable, I should just do it. And once I had improved at those tasks, I started to wonder, what’s next? Is that it?”

Despite working in a world of cool, Monica never froze when faced with an obstacle. “If a problem came up, I would try to fix it or talk to people about what they needed or what the issues were. If I had an idea of how to solve the problem, I would discuss it with my boss.”

Eventually, Monica’s team began to ask her for help and answers, and she soon became the go-to person for problem-solving and support.

Seeking New Opportunities

As Monica gained confidence in her role, she began seeking out new challenges within her team. Drawing from her background in hospitality and working with people, Monica proactively took on tasks such as developing the team’s onboarding process. “I think it’s important to test and try out new responsibilities,” Monica says. “Each success gave me the confidence to take on even greater responsibilities.”

Later, Monica communicated her interest in finding new challenges to her boss, and they collaborated on identifying opportunities. Her supervisor informed her about an upcoming Technician position within the team – a role she was keen to take on.

This new position diversified Monica’s work even further, involving her also in the administrative functions of her department. By introducing fresh challenges, the position allowed Monica to gain valuable insight into processes, as well as tracking tools and reporting methods. Having already improved onboarding processes, she became responsible for onboarding new team members. To do that, Monica had to grasp how every small part of the product interconnected to be able to communicate the bigger picture.

Finding a Personalized Path

At first, it might seem that Monica’s previous work history and her new position are mismatched.

“Before joining this company, I didn’t envision myself working in a tech company. I was unsure of how I would fit in and how my customer service or social skills might bring value. However, after starting here – and particularly since I had the opportunity to progress – I realized that my skills are truly valuable. While I might not be the one making new innovations, I really enjoy supporting the process.”

Monica’s story serves as a reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding a new job or for career progression. Whether you crave new challenges or are completely fulfilled in your current role, Bluefors offers a supportive environment where employees can chart their own path to success.

As Monica concludes, “the important thing is to listen to yourself and do what brings you joy and fulfillment.”

Join the Team

Has Monica’s bold leap into the unknown sparked your desire for change? Are you looking for new challenges and successes? While our expertise lies in the cold, we pride ourselves in the warmth of our community.

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