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Bluefors Summer Trainees in Action

Last summer, we had a record number of around 35 summer trainees working in Helsinki. Budding professionals from different fields came to work at Bluefors for the summer, with many of them working on research projects during that time. We had a chat with two of them to find out about their experiences.

Cryostat Simulator Development

Every year, at the end of the summer, we give our summer trainees the opportunity to present the research projects they were working on. One of the presentations was made by Heidi-Susanna Laitinen and Roni Koitermaa from the R&D team, exploring the topic of a Cryostat Simulator.

Heidi was returning as a summer trainee at Bluefors for the second time, while it was Roni’s first summer at Bluefors.

“The best thing about this job was that it gave us the opportunity to develop an internal tool like this. The project really gave me a chance to think thoroughly, and it feels good to have been a part of the progress,” Heidi says.

Roni continues, “For me, the best thing was that I managed to make the combined model work, as earlier we had difficulties stabilizing the simulation. Having been able to develop and work on a tool that benefits the company has been very rewarding.”

Heidi and Roni also pointed out that the development of the simulator has been a combined effort, as it was started by summer trainees in previous years.

Summer Trainees Heidi and Roni
Summer Trainees Heidi and Roni.

Great Atmosphere

Heidi and Roni both say that they would recommend Bluefors to future potential summer trainees.

“The working atmosphere in Bluefors is great, and there is a good vibe in what we do. Having flexibility in working times was also excellent,” Heidi says.

“Having these awesome people to work with and a good atmosphere are very important to me. Here, I felt like my work has meaning, and we got a lot done. My skills were valued, and it was great to notice that the physics I studied was beneficial here. The background of the company also shows in a good way,” Roni adds.

“You can feel the general atmosphere everywhere, even in small things. Here you get the trust that work will be done,” Heidi concludes.

Apply to Work at Bluefors During the Summer

If working with the coolest technology on the planet sounds like your thing, be ready when our 2024 summer trainee application period for Helsinki starts this January. The positions will include roles ranging from production to R&D, and will be posted on our Open Positions page on January 15. Applications will be open until January 31.