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Press Release

Bluefors Lab in Delft Expands with a New Measurement System

Bluefors Lab in Delft, Netherlands, was established as an R&D Hub providing organizations with easy access to cryogenic measurement systems for quantum research and development. Announced in March 2023, the site has provided a space for organizations to carry out R&D without the need to invest in purchasing a complete system.

Bluefors Lab has now been expanded with an additional cryogenic measurement system – an XLD1000sl Dilution Refrigerator – which is now installed and operating at the site. The XLDsl is a system offering a large experimental space, extensive wiring capabilities, and superior performance, and is used by many Bluefors customers in demanding experiments.

Inside the XLDsl, the cryogenic measurement infrastructure includes a Microwave Readout Module. This preassembled module has a built-in, high-performing TWPA, and all the connected components needed to amplify very weak microwave signals. It comes equipped with all the necessary components for multiplexed qubit readouts. With this complete solution, Bluefors offers their customers a more advanced and flexible setup for their R&D.

Alongside the new system, the original setup of the lab has also been upgraded. Additional measurement electronics from Qblox have been added to the base configuration of the LD Dilution Refrigerator, expanding its capabilities to enable 5-qubit measurements.

Using the Bluefors Lab, startups, research groups, and other organizations can easily carry out quantum technology research and development. Bluefors’ on-site specialists assist in setup and operation, so customers can focus on results. Additional measurement electronics or other infrastructure can be added to the setup by the lab users. Bluefors is also willing to further develop the lab and its measurement infrastructure to meet customers’ needs.

The lab has R&D periods available during the second half of 2024. Contact Bluefors to book time at the lab, or to take a tour of the facilities.