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Bluefors Launches New Gas Handling System Generation 2

Bluefors today announced a next generation Gas Handling System that completely reimagines the way scientists, researchers and companies working in quantum technology experience and control their cryogenic measurement systems.

The Gas Handling System is the beating heart that powers all Bluefors Dilution Refrigerators, managing the helium gas circulation in the system. With over 1000 systems installed worldwide, Bluefors is the industry leader providing benchmark ultra-low temperature cooling solutions used in quantum technology.

Gas Handling System Generation 2 introduces a modular design that brings more flexibility, usability, functionality, and safety.  The new hardware comprises multiple modular units, based around a new Core Unit that utilizes top industrial solutions. The Core Unit adopts an easy-access, lockable front door design, and the latest generation of pumps and sensors. The system has been designed as a modular platform that can be easily upgraded to add more features and functionality.

Gas Handling System Generation 2 also introduces an all-new touch screen Control Software Generation 2 that makes the operation of Bluefors cryogenic measurement systems more intuitive, while at the same time providing greater access to diagnostic data. The new Control Software offers expanded remote access, and simplifies operation for less experienced users through fully automatic, intelligent automation – while providing greater access to diagnostic data for those that need it.

“We’ve built in state awareness, condition monitoring, diagnostic procedures, warnings and alerts, and the system can even identify potential issues. This means we can deliver more peace of mind and longer system lifetimes, and all with unprecedented ease of use,” says Erkki Soininen, Product Director at Bluefors.

David Gunnarsson, Bluefors’ Chief Technology Officer and Principal Scientist, adds, “We wanted to deliver the cutting-edge solution that the quantum industry truly deserves. With the updated Gas Handling System, we have achieved these goals – and a lot more.”

The new Gas Handling System Generation 2 is available now. For more information visit:

About Bluefors

Bluefors is the world leader in manufacturing cryogenic measurement systems for the field of quantum technology. We are dedicated to delivering the most reliable, easy-to-operate systems and versatile on the market. The quality of our products in combination with our scalable production capabilities, has made the quantum technology field recognize us as the preferred choice for their ultra-low temperature requirements. We offer a variety of models of dilution refrigerator measurement systems to meet the specific needs of our customers in laboratories in companies and universities worldwide.

Bluefors – Cool for Progress.


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