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Press Release

Bluefors Reveals Ultra-Compact Dilution Refrigerator System

Bluefors today announced development of an ultra-compact version of the world’s most widely used dilution refrigerator system. The new ultra-compact LD is a small footprint cryogenic measurement system ideal for laboratory environments with limited space, or where multiple units need to be in a single space, such as high-performance computing data centers.

Bluefors Dilution Refrigerator Measurement Systems are renowned for their unmatched reliability, with over 1250 units in operation worldwide. The LD Dilution Refrigerator is their most versatile system and can be customized for many different use cases. The new ultra-compact version retains all the versatility and performance of the standard LD system but does so in a far more compact layout.

The system utilizes the newly released and fully integrated Gas Handling System Generation 2, which operates silently using a multi-stage roots pump, and features a best-in-class, touchscreen control software for enormous power and ease of use.

The new lab layout integrates all the necessary components – the cryostat, gas handling system, and pulse tube compressor – into a single unit that also includes ample space for measurement electronics.

Bluefors’ co-founder Rob Blaauwgeers says, “We are thrilled to be leading the field and pushing the boundaries of ultra-low temperature cooling. The new ultra-compact LD brings unparalleled power and flexibility to customers with limited space, and enables easier integration of cryogenic measurement systems into high-performance computing centers. By integrating the LD into our new modular Gas Handling System, we’re delivering another cutting-edge solution for the quantum technology industry.”