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Governance & Ethics

At Bluefors, we believe that good governance and ethical conduct are essential for building trust and fostering long-term relationships with our stakeholders. Our commitment to governance and ethics goes beyond legal compliance. We believe that ethical conduct is not just a compliance requirement; it is a fundamental part of who we are as an organization. We strive to act with integrity, transparency, and accountability in all our interactions. 

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

At Bluefors, compliance with applicable laws, decrees, and regulations forms the foundation of all our activities, setting the baseline for everything we do.

We place particular emphasis on international sanctions and trade compliance, recognizing the importance of responsible global business practices. We strictly adhere to international sanctions regimes to ensure that our operations align with global regulations. By doing so, we contribute to the prevention of illicit activities and the promotion of a fair and transparent business environment. 

Holding Partners and Suppliers Accountable 

In addition to our own compliance efforts, we hold our partners and suppliers to the same high standards. We require that they operate in full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, demonstrating their commitment to ethical business practices. This collaborative approach ensures that our entire supply chain maintains integrity and upholds our shared values. 


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct of Bluefors outlines the core ethical principles and sets the basis for the corporate governance of Bluefors. The document has been created to help every Blueforsian operate according to the values of Bluefors. The Code of Conduct serves as the founding document for other policies and guidelines of Bluefors. 


Bluefors Whistleblowing Channel

The Bluefors Whistleblowing Channel enables reporting violations or other serious concerns anonymously and complies with the EU Whistleblowing legislation. Our suppliers are encouraged to speak up and notify us of suspected violations of our Code of Conduct, of the Supplier Code of Conduct, other serious misconduct, or unlawful or unethical behavior at Bluefors. For specific and acute product-related issues, please use

You may file a Whistleblowing report by accessing the Whistleblowing Channel provided below. All reports are investigated and dealt without a delay, and reporter’s privacy will be protected. No retaliatory actions towards anyone raising a good-faith concern shall be tolerated at Bluefors.


Supplier Code of Conduct 

The business of Bluefors is guided by its three core values: quality, integrity, and well-being as outlined in the Code of Conduct of Bluefors. In addition to its Code of Conduct, Bluefors expects its suppliers and business partners to respect these same core values and place a high priority on ethical and sustainable business practices. The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards and requirements that Bluefors expects all its suppliers to comply with when conducting business with Bluefors. 


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