LH Dilution Refrigerator System

The horizontal model LH is a low-height, compact and truly horizontal dilution refrigerator measurement system capable of operation under different tilt angles. It is ideal for beamline, telescope or detector experiments.

Eight LOS Access Ports

All line-of-sight ports reach from room temperature to mixing chamber.

  • 2 x KF63 slotted in all flanges
  • 4 x KF40
  • 2 x KF16.

Temperature Controller

The Bluefors Temperature Controller enhance the user experience of our cryogenic systems. With a modern and intuitive user interface, you gain direct control and overview of the system’s temperature status.

The Bluefors Temperature Controller is fully-integrated to all dilution refrigerator measurement systems.

Read more about the Temperature Controller here.


4K Heater Kit

Fully automated fast warm-up option, which allows overnight warm-up for our standard LD systems.

Service Packages and Extended Warranty are available upon request

Technical Specifications

Note: Cooling power is measured on experimental flange outside MXC.

Base temperature10 mK
Cooling power @ 20 mK10 μW
Cooling power @ 100 mK250 μW
Cooling power @ 120 mK360 μW
Cool-down time to base24 hrs

Performance Graphs


Start cool-down


Start pulse pre-cooling


Stop pulse pre-cooling


Start mixture condensation


Stop mixture condensation


Normal circulation mode

Above is a cool-down curve for a configuration of LH horizontal dilution refrigerator measurement system measured with a calibrated resistance thermometer.

Pulse pre-cooling sequence (see spots 2 and 3) is one of the key points in reducing the cool-down time. Because we do not use exchange gas some parts of the dilution refrigerator unit stay ‘hot’ on cool down, which prevents condensation of the mixture. By repeatedly admitting the mixture from the tanks through the low impedance still side of the dilution refrigerator and then pumping it out again, these hot spots are effectively cooled down.

Technical Requirements

The basic requirements are 3-phase electricity, cooling water, compressed air. The full list of requirements and specification details can be found in the Pre-Installation Guide, please contact our sales team for a copy.

Contact our sales team for questions, requests and Pre-Installation Guide.