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Opening Celebration for the Bluefors Lab in Delft

Last Friday was a special day in the Delft quantum community, as Bluefors and Quantum Delft hosted a community event to celebrate the Delft community and the establishment of Bluefors Lab in Delft. Earlier this year, we announced that the Bluefors Lab service is now offered to companies in Delft and now we had the chance to also celebrate this with the community. The opening was also a chance for us to present Bluefors Lab in more detail and meet with different members of the community.

Building a Lab in the Quantum Delft Community

Quantum Delft is a unique ecosystem that has been decades in the making: a hotspot for excellent scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs who rigorously lead the way in quantum technology. The community consists of the

Bluefors project in Delft dates back a couple of years. The community in Delft has attracted Bluefors, as it’s one of Europe’s most important quantum ecosystems. We have been working on the project with the aim of offering laboratory space and measurement services in Delft, to support the research and technology community with easy access to Bluefors cryogenic measurement systems.

To create the Bluefors Lab, we equipped it with its first system, an LD 400 Dilution Refrigerator Measurement System. Quantum Delft community member Orange Quantum Systems supported us to maintain the lab and added one their quantum research systems to the equipment at the lab, to provide the necessary room temperature electronics.

After the setting was installed and the first users signed up, the lab was tested . One of the companies doing experiments at the lab has been QuantrolOx, who are developing automated qubit control software. You can learn more about their experiences here.

Grand Opening of the Lab

Today the Bluefors Lab in Delft provides an excellent space for start-ups and research groups, looking to experiment with their ideas, prove their ideas for potential investors​, and develop their products further. We can proudly announce that the Bluefors Lab has been officially established, equipped, and staffed, with Bluefors B.V. Netherlands being established. The Delft location opens a new chapter within the Bluefors story. We hope that Bluefors Lab also opens a new chapter in the story of quantum computing, as the lab provides a unique opportunity to the quantum community to perform research and development with a flexible service.

To celebrate this occasion, together with Quantum Delft, we invited the Delft community to celebrate Bluefors Lab on the TU Delft Campus at Café Labs in the heart of the Physics community at TU Delft. We also held a presentation at the lab itself.

During the opening we introduced to the audience the concept of Bluefors Lab, what kind of equipment is provided at the lab, and how the Bluefors Lab can be booked. We also explained how Bluefors scientists can consult each experimentation to get most out of Bluefors cryogenic measurement system in the lab.

“We are on a mission to enable the quantum breakthrough and support scientists in their work. The Bluefors Lab in Delft will provide an excellent place to scientists to go further in their research, as there is a low barrier to get access to an excellent cryogenic measurement system setup. It was great to have a chance to celebrate this together with the Quantum Delft community”, commented the Director of Services Sami Nyman.

Director of Services Sami Nyman at the lab.

We were glad to have the chance the present Bluefors Lab in more detail, see our friends at the community, and meet some new faces. Thank you to everyone who joined our event!

Dedicated Manager for the Lab

The Bluefors Lab service includes consultation and support from experts in cryogenics, so that the users do not need to have background in cryogenics. For this reason, we wanted to establish a permanent presence in Delft, ensuring that the support needed is readily available.

Technical Service Manager Arttu Huikuri at the lab.

We now have a dedicated manager for the lab, who takes care of the cryogenic measurement system and helps our customers on site. Technical Services Manager Arttu Huikuri has started working as the manager of Bluefors Lab. Arttu has a strong background at Bluefors as a Cryo Engineer and scientist, having worked with system testing and installations. He is now based in the Lab in Delft and supports already the Quantum Delft community at Bluefors Lab.

“It’s exciting to see what kind of companies and groups we will work with at the lab. I’m looking forward to helping our customers with their experiments and making sure the experience at the lab is as smooth as possible,” said Arttu Huikuri, the new Technical Service Manager for Bluefors Lab.

Contact Us to Book the Lab

We are proud to say that we are officially represented in the Netherlands in one of Europe’s strongest quantum communities. We look forward to companies from all around coming to Delft and doing experiments at the Bluefors Lab. If you’re looking for an accessible cryogenic measurement system setup, don’t hesitate to contact us and book the lab.