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The Bluefors Dilution Refrigerator as an Integrated Quantum Measurement System

We wrote an application note “The Bluefors Dilution Refrigerator as an Integrated Quantum Measurement System” that is available on our website today (see link below). The aim of the application note is to demonstrate a working example of a superconducting qubit within the Bluefors factory to pre-qualify our cryogenic hardware for quantum measurement applications. Control hardware and software by Keysight enable the integrated measurement system and measurement results. Taken together, the system can be considered as a major step toward a commercially available integrated “turn-key” solution for qubit experiments. The approach is directly relevant to a wide spectrum of quantum technological use cases including quantum simulation, quantum sensing, and quantum computing. For example, the setup is an immediate jumping off point for a suite of applications including testing quantum logical gates, quantum optics with microwaves, or even using the qubit itself as a sensitive probe of local electromagnetic fields.

Read the PDF guide for starting an experimental platform for testing superconducting qubits here.

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