Bluefors high-density wiring

High-Density Wiring

High-density wiring is a modular option for the Bluefors side-loading XLDsl dilution refrigerator measurement system that enables a large scale-up of the experimental wiring, especially for high-frequency signals. In a high-density form factor, each side-loading port can be equipped with up to 168 high-frequency lines, and up to 6 ports can be utilized simultaneously. The high-density wiring modular option enables easy assembly and maintenance for large wiring infrastructures.

  • Fully compatible with the XLD side-loader (XLDsl) cryostat models.
  • Ideal for experiments requiring large numbers of high-frequency signals spanning DC to 18 GHz.
  • Includes a hermetic vacuum feedthrough utilizing a high-frequency high-density interface with 168 channels.
  • Coaxial cables (0.86 mm copper-nickel or lowloss niobium-titanium) are arranged in SMPM multi-connectors of 12 channels in a row. The multi-connectors are arranged in a modular form factor for up to 14 rows per port
  • At each temperature stage, an attenuator block can be installed and mated to the SMPM multi-connector cable assembly. Each attenuator block has 2×12 channels, and each row of channels can be selected to be one attenuation value (0 dB, 3 dB, 6 dB, 10 dB or 20 dB).
  • The modular form factor enables custom components with multiple high-density channels, such as amplifiers, filters, and attenuators.

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