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Denver, United States
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The International Conference for High Performance in Denver is focusing on Super Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis. The event showcases the latest advances in the industry, such as new products and upgrades, recent research and development initiatives. The upcoming SC event will attract HPC (high performance computing) and networking industry professionals from around the world, including scientists, researchers, department managers, lab directors, and decision makers. With over 10,000 attendees, the four-day event in Denver will showcase the latest innovations in storage and related fields, offering targeted opportunities for interaction with key customer audiences.

Bluefors is attending the event for the first time with a stand in the exhibitor area. The event is the main event in the US that is dedicated to HPC. By joining this exhibition. we want to highlight the importance of cryogenics in the fields of SC and HPC. The visit to this exhibition will follow-up on previous activities related HPC that we presented such as our joint webinar with Quantum Machines and the visit to the European version of this event in Hamburg (ISC 2023) in May 2023.

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