Bluefors Low-Loss Infrared Filter

Protecting Your Quantum Devices from Radiative Heating

We are proud to welcome a new family member to our product line of options, the Bluefors Infrared Filter (IR Filter). The IR Filter is a coaxial filter that protects sensitive quantum devices that operate below 1 K from high-energy photons that can cause unwanted heating or decoherence. A common application of the IR Filter is in superconducting qubit devices where infrared radiation can generate quasi-particle excitations that can reduce the coherence time of the qubit.

The IR Filter absorbs and dissipates high frequency noise that is above the measurement frequency-band. The coaxial IR Filter enables high signal fidelity within the pass-band of DC – 6 GHz that is optimized for low return loss and low reflected signal power.

It improves the thermalization of the center conductor in a coaxial line and can be thermally anchored to the Bluefors RF Installation Set.

At Bluefors, our work is dedicated to the customers’ research so that they can focus on their projects and not worry about reaching and keeping mK temperature. That’s why we are constantly developing new products to increase the ease of use for our products in order to not only provide the cooling solutions, but also the whole cryogenic infrastructure, including the wiring, amplifiers, and filters.

For more information on the IR Filter and our other options, contact our Sales team.