Vector Magnets

We offer two and three-axis vector magnets up to 9 Tesla with various bore sizes. On offer are many different configurations depending on your experimental requirements, e.g. incorporation of field compensated regions, increased field homogeneity, fitting of a persistent mode switch, low field drift rates and optical access.

3D vector magnet models

65 mm bore (~57 mm sample space)
8-4-1 Tesla for XLD
9-1-1 Tesla

76 mm bore (~68 mm sample space)
6-2-2 Tesla for XLD
6-1-1 Tesla
3-1-1 Tesla ROA
2-0.5-0.5 Tesla
1-1-1 Tesla ROA

96 mm bore (~88 mm sample space)
6-1-1 Tesla
3-1.5-1.5 Tesla
2-2-2 Tesla for XLD

105 mm T bore: (~95 mm sample space)
2-0.5-0.5 Tesla
1-1-1 Tesla

*ROA – radial optical access

2D vector magnet models

65 mm bore (~57 mm sample space)
9-3 Tesla
6-2 Tesla

76 mm bore (~68 mm sample space)
9-3 Tesla

Technical Specifications

  • Screw terminals for current leads provide a fast and simple magnet installation / removal without soldering
  • Connection to the 4K flange with a high thermal conductivity tube, which ensures effective heat transfer with low thermal gradient
  • Quick connection rail for the power supply at room temperature
  • Magnet temperature monitoring
  • Persistent mode switch wiring.

A full magnet package includes:

  • High current leads (copper/HTS)
  • Superconducting magnet with diode quench protection
  • Persistent mode switch (optional)
  • Magnet temperature sensor + readout
  • High-conductivity 4K interface tube
  • Still radiation shield with tail to fit magnet
  • Cold finger (optional)
  • Power supply (optional)
  • High accuracy current (optional)
  • Full magnet test at Bluefors.

Contact our sales team for questions and requests for other configurations.