Bluefors Optical fiber feedthrough plate and optical fiber clamping installed 2019

Optical Fibers

We offer a solution for optical fibers from room temperature to the sample space. It is based on hermetic fiber feed-through bulk-heads with either FC/PC or FC/APC connectors. This approach offers both user flexibility and easy service of the fiber lines. Most commercially available optical fibers can be used with this solution, with respect to wavelength and polarization maintaining properties. Our standard solution is for single mode 1550 nm wavelength (SMF28e+) fibers.

Technical Specifications

Optical fiber installation sets are available in two different configurations, with smaller box outside the cryostat for 1–4 fibers or bigger box for 1–8 fibers. Both available for KF25 and KF40 ports. Optical feedthroughs are available in M10 and M12 sizes and the fibers are ordered according to your needs.

Technical Requirements


Free KF25 port (1–8 lines) or KF40 port (1–8 lines) for installation.


Free KF40 port (1–8 lines) for installation.


Free KF40 to KF25 port (1–8 lines), KF40 port (1–8 lines) or ISO100 port with ISO100 to 3xKF40 adapter set (1×1–8 bundles, note that due to space restrictions ISO100 port can accommodate only one fiber installation set in a ISO100 to 3xKF40 adapter set) for installation.

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