4K System

The 4K is an entry level system, representing LD or XLD cryostat without a dilution unit and Gas Handling System. It allows experiments down to 4 kelvin, and gives you the possibility of upgrading to a dilution refrigerator measurement system at any later stage. All options, e.g. magnets, wiring and vibration isolation, are available and compatible with the 4K System. Upgrading to a full LD or XLD dilution refrigerator measurement system only takes 3–4 days on-site installation.

Temperature Controller

The Bluefors Temperature Controller enhance the user experience of our cryogenic systems. With a modern and intuitive user interface, you gain direct control and overview of the system’s temperature status.

The Bluefors Temperature Controller is fully-integrated to all dilution refrigerator measurement systems.

Read more about the Temperature Controller here.


Vibration Isolation

We offer improved vibration isolation for experiments that are particularly sensitive to low frequency vibrations (< 1 kHz).

  • Basic vibration isolation frame
  • Active vibration damping
  • GHS isolation frame.

Optical Ports

We offer direct optical access to the sample space. The optical ports can be equipped with different window materials and are available in different sizes and configurations.

Magnetic Shielding

We offer magnetic shielding that can be fitted directly to the system (e.g. a magnetic shielding metal cylinder with one end closed inside the lower section of the vacuum can). For magnetic shielding we work together with Amuneal Manufacturing Corp.

4K Heater Kit

A fully automated fast warm-up option, which allows overnight warm-up for our standard LD systems.
Service Packages and Extended Warranty are available upon request

Technical Specifications

Note: Cooling power is measured outside 4K Flange.

Base temperature∼ < 3,2 K
Cooling power @ 4.2 K (on the outside of experimental flange)< 0.4 W with PT410-RM
Cool-down time from room temp. to base< 10 hrs with PT410-RM
< 8 hrs with PT415-RM
< 7 hrs with PT420-RM

Typical Layout

Each Bluefors system is designed to be installed to a specific location defined in advance. A separate layout drawing is made for each Bluefors system, which should always be referred to for exact dimensions.

Technical Requirements

The basic requirements are 3-phase electricity, and cooling water. The full list of requirements and specification details can be found in the Pre-Installation Guide, please contact our sales team for a copy.

Contact our sales team for questions, requests and Pre-Installation Guide.