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Press Release

Bluefors Launches Helium Recovery Solution for Single Unit NMR Systems

Bluefors today announced the Cryomech HeRL02-RM – a new Helium Reliquefier designed specifically for helium recovery from a single Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) unit.

Helium Reliquefiers help to conserve the use of valuable helium, safeguarding users against helium supply issues and protecting against helium price fluctuations.

The system creates a closed-loop, zero-boil-off system for NMR magnets. Boiled-off helium is passed through a vapor return line to the Pulse Tube Cryocooler-powered reliquefier, which instantly liquefies the boil-off and returns it to the magnet’s helium bath.

The new Helium Reliquefier model utilizes a remote motor to minimize vibrations that might otherwise interfere with sensitive NMR spectroscopy. The HeRL02-RM has been field tested on multiple units of varying magnet strength with no effect on the results. 

“The HeRL02-RM is an ideal solution for small laboratories with one to three NMR systems, and organizations with dispersed magnets. Customers can stop worrying about refilling helium and let the reliquefier do the work for them,” says Rich Dausman, President of Bluefors Cryocooler Technologies, Inc.

The Cryomech HeRL02-RM can be easily installed through an existing fill port, and operates reliably and safely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For facilities with greater helium boil off, Bluefors continues to offer full scale helium recovery solutions.

The new system is available now. For more information visit:

About Bluefors

Bluefors is the world leader in manufacturing cryogenic measurement systems, cryocoolers and other cryogenic product lines for quantum technology, fundamental physics research and other select industries such as life sciences and clean energy. We are dedicated to delivering the most reliable, versatile, and easy-to-operate systems on the market under the Bluefors and Cryomech brands. The quality of our products in combination with our scalable production capabilities, has made us the preferred choice for ultra-low temperature requirements at universities, research institutes, and corporations globally.

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Ingela Waismaa, Director – Marketing and Communications, Bluefors

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