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Quantum World Congress 2023

Jonas Geust, Dr. David Gunnarsson, Mikko Nurminen, Sauli Sinisalo and Dr. Tamanna Joshi
Event details:
Date & time
Capital One Hall, Tysons, Virginia
  • Business event

The Quantum World Congress will be the second of its kind global quantum conference, exposition and network series and attract a cross-sector, multi-disciplinary audience. It showcases major trends in Quantum solutions, research, education, workforce, though leadership, policy, business and investment.

The event is organized by Connected DMV, a nonprofit that brings together Greater Washington’s collective assets and brightest minds to deliver initiatives that have the power to fundamentally reshape our physical, digital, economic, and social infrastructure. In 2023, general assembly convenings will offer unique cross-sector perspectives from government, academia, and industry and will bring together some of quantum’s leading minds and organizations.

Bluefors is joining this event with a premium presence and extended exhibition stand. Additionally, our COO Jonas Geust will give a talk about “Cryogenics role in the Quantum Ecosystem”. The time and date will be announced soon.

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