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Quantum.Tech 2024

Dr. David Gunnarsson
Event details:
Date & time
Washington D.C., USA
  • Quantum Technology

Quantum.Tech USA is moving to the US Capital, Washington D.C. for the next edition of Quantum.Tech. The program has been completely refreshed with brand new names providing new discussion points focusing around error correction, fault tolerant quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum security.

Our CTO David Gunnarsson is joining the panel discussion at Quantum.Tech USA 2024 titled “Delivering high performing on-premise quantum computing capabilities” on April 26 at 12:15 pm EDT.

The panel features CEO Steve Brierley from Riverlane, CEO & Founder Michael Biercuk from Q-CTRL, CTO David Rivas from Rigetti, CTO David Gunnarsson from Bluefors, Associate Scientist & Lead Quantum Measurements David Van Zanten from Fermilab, and Director of Strategy & Partnerships Gilad Ben-Shach from Quantum Machines.

The panel will showcase the leading quantum technology companies who, together with Rigetti, are providing the technology needed to deliver a high performing, state-of-the-art, on-premise quantum computer.

The topics of the panel will cover strengthening quantum computing technology capabilities for real-world use cases, accelerating the development of quantum hardware, applications, and software, and how access to high-performing, on-premises quantum computers is critical.

If you are attending the event, be sure to check it out!


Dr. David Gunnarsson
Chief Technology Officer | Principal Scientist