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APS March Meeting 2023

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Las Vegas, USA
  • Science

APS March Meeting is going to Las Vegas in 2023. The meeting is organized by the American Physical Society (APS) and has been one of the most important events for Bluefors. The event gathers every year about 12 000 physicists who are presenting research findings and connecting to businesses. APS showcases the work to a global audience of physicists, scientists, and students representing 30 APS Units and Committees and explore ground-breaking research from industry, academia, and major labs. The event provides a great opportunity for us to connect science with business and to meet our customers in person. At APS March Meeting in Las Vegas, a recruiting fair is also organized for recent graduates.

We will join APS March Meeting in Las Vegas with a commercial and recruiting booth, and we will have scientific presentations during the week. Come meet us to learn more about our systems and hear the latest developments at our booth 821.


Meet us at APS to hear about the latest developments at Bluefors at booth 821. We’ll have updates on our KIDE cryogenic platform, our cryogenic solution for the needs of large-scale quantum computing, and some exciting news about the lifecycle support of our systems. At our booth you can get to know our systems in detail, learn our solutions to scale up your operations, and hear how we are building the most reliable cooling power for quantum research and applications.

Scientific presentations

During APS March Meeting our Quantum Applications team will have scientific presentations on Wednesday, March 8. They will be held during the session Q72: “Superconducting and Semiconductor Qubits: I/O, Packaging, and 3D Integration II”, at Room 406. Be sure to add these talks to your schedule.

Q72.00011 : Quantifying the power radiated to a qubit through its control lines

Presenter: Scientist Quantum Applications Slawomir Simbierowicz 5:00 PM–5:12 PM

We report measurements of the power radiated from a qubit drive line to a quantum device within a dilution refrigerator. The measurements were recorded using an in situ hot electron microwave nanobolometer with a designed-50- Ω absorber [1] that is coupled to a coaxial input. First, the nanobolometer was calibrated by connecting a temperature-controlled blackbody source spanning the range 0.1 K –0.5 K [2]. Second, applying a microwave tone at 5.8 GHz, we measure the background radiated power and attenuation from the passive components in the drive line. Finally, we obtain the thermal latencies of those components. Our measurement results are crucial for understanding and suppressing qubit dephasing due to photon shot noise [3].

[1] Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 030802 (2016)

[2] Review of Scientific Instruments 92, 034708 (2021)

[3] Phys. Rev. A 106, 042605 (2022)

Presentation at APS website

Q72.00012 : Noise and signal distortions in qubit wiring

Presenter: Director Quantum Applications Russell E Lake 5:12 PM–5:24 PM

In this talk we highlight recent measurements to accurately characterize cryogenic qubit control and readout lines at microwave frequencies. Through combined theoretical and experimental studies, we quantify the qubit-gate errors that arise due to signal distortions and present direct measurements of the S-parameters of qubit control line components in situ [1]. We also demonstrate a cryogenic variable temperature noise source [2] to determine noise temperature of readout lines that use three-wave mixing parametric amplifiers. In addition, temperature-calibrated added noise can be used as a diagnostic resource to quantify thermalization requirements for qubit wiring [3]. Taken together our results provide a methodology for extrapolating system-level performance metrics for the i/o of large-scale quantum computers based on individual wiring components.

[1] S. Simbierowicz, V. Y. Monarkha, S. Singh, N. Messaoudi, P. Krantz, R. E. Lake, “Microwave calibration of qubit drive line components at millikelvin temperatures”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 054004 (2022);

[2] S. Simbierowicz, V. Vesterinen, J. Milem, A. Lintunen, M. Oksanen, L. Roschier, L. Grönberg, J. Hassel, D. Gunnarsson, R. E. Lake, “Characterizing cryogenic amplifiers with a matched temperature-variable noise source”, Rev. Sci. Instr. 92, 034708 (2021);

[3] A. Vaaranta, M. Cattaneo, R. E. Lake “Dynamics of a dispersively coupled transmon qubit in the presence of a noise source embedded in the control line” Phys. Rev. A 106, 042605 (2022)

Presentation at APS website

Jobs Expo

In addition to our commercial booth, you can also visit us at the Jobs Expo. At our booth you can learn what type of career opportunities we have available for physicists and other professionals. Bluefors has offices in the US, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Bluefors people are curious to the core. We have one mission: progress. Continuous development, learning, collaboration, and information sharing are fundamental to our way of working. We want to create an environment for everybody to feel at home at the workplace, since work is such an important part of your life. We offer a competitive benefits package and a flexible working environment. Our working language is English, and we currently employ professionals of 45+ different nationalities.

For students, we offer internships, thesis subjects, and project work. We also support our employees to educate themselves further. As the company grows, internal career possibilities are constantly available. We have invested in R&D and engineering, and we have a dedicated Quantum Applications team too. When working at Bluefors, internal transfers are made possible.

We enjoy working with people who want to be part of progress, have a mind-set for high quality and who are motivated to use their expertise to help deliver Bluefors systems for cutting-edge research fields. If you are a skilled physicist, technician, engineer, or business professional, we invite you to join our growth story. We recruit physicists for cryo engineer, sales engineer, and R&D engineer positions; technicians for production and testing; CAD engineers; software engineers; mechanical and electronics engineers; office employees for different teams.

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