1 Bluefors Privacy Policy

1.1 Controller

Bluefors Oy, Arinatie 10, 00370 Helsinki, Finland


1.2 Purpose of collecting personal data

The purpose of collecting personal data is for taking care of matters concerning different phases of marketing, quotation, sales, support requests (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Article 6 points 1 b, f), for taking care of matters between Bluefors and its suppliers and partners (General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, Article 6, point 1 b), and for invoicing purposes.

1.3 Data content

We collect following personal details: name, title, organisation, contact information and IP-address. For those who have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), the register includes also date of birth. The personal data come from the data subjects.

1.4 Legal purpose of processing personal data

The information is collected with the data subject’s consent (the EU GDPR, Article 6(1)(a).) and personal data are received also on the basis of a customer relationship (the EU GDPR, Article 6(1)(b).), employment and supplier contracts in and from interaction between Bluefors, Bluefors local representatives and customers. The information is necessary to the performance of a contract between Bluefors and the customer and to entering into a contract with Bluefors and a potential customer, and in events management. Data are also regularly disclosed for invoicing purposes.

1.5 Transfer of personal data to third countries or international organisations

Personal data may be transferred and stored outside EU or EEA region. For example, in our sales process, to fulfill customer requirements personal data are transferred to Bluefors local representatives including outside of the EU or EEA region. If personal data are being transferred outside of those regions, Bluefors will ensure adequate safety measures by transferring personal data to those countries where the European Commission has decided that the third country in question ensures an adequate level of protection. If personal data are being transferred into a country where the Commission has not decided on the adequacy of protection of personal data, Bluefors will comply with applicable data protection regulation and take in consideration the impacts of the transfer on the data subject’s rights and freedoms and implements necessary precautions.

1.6 Cookies and tracking on the website

We use tracking cookies and similar technologies such as pixels to collect information on how our digital services are being used. We use tracking to improve our services, target our marketing and for social media services. If you are interested about cookies, read more in the cookies section below.

You can manage cookies in your browser. Please refer to your browser’s help pages for more information about clearing, enabling and managing cookies.

To change Bluefors cookie settings: click here to open the Bluefors privacy modal window.

We will update this section in our privacy policy if we, for example, change on which social media platforms we are present on.

1.6.1 Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics on the Bluefors website. It is an analysis tool we use to get an idea of how people use our digital services. We use visitor statistics to analyse visitor flow in order to improve our content production and to improve the website in general. To get the statistics we need cookies. The information generated by the cookie includes your location and IP address, which will be forwarded to and stored by Google on their servers. Read more about Google’s privacy policy here:

To manage Google Analytics tracking, you can download and install a plug-in on your browser. The plug-in is found on Google’s web page:

1.6.2 LinkedIn

Because we have social share buttons on our page, it means we also host LinkedIn cookies, which you will receive when you visit Bluefors website. Read more about how LinkedIn uses cookies and how to control them on their website:

1.6.3 Facebook

We also use Facebook Pixel on the Bluefors website. You can, for instance, control Facebook’s use of cookies to show you ads. Behind the link you can read more about how Facebook uses cookies and what choices you have on Facebook’s policies page:

1.6.4 Twitter

We have integrated Twitter service on our site, and like all of the majority of social media service providers, also they use cookies and similar technologies. Read about what your privacy options are on Twitter’s cookies page:

1.6.5 What are cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer. There are two types of cookies: permanent cookies and session cookies.

A session cookie is stored temporarily in your computer’s memory while you are browsing on our site. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser. On Bluefors website session cookies are used to handle information that you provide when using Bluefors services, such as the support log-in system.

A permanent cookie remains on your computer when you have accepted cookie from a website. On Bluefors website these are used to improve the site by getting statistics for instance on how users navigate through the site and what pages are the most popular ones. Cookies are also doing tracking when you use social media sharing buttons.

1.7 Protecting the processing of personal data

Personal data are processed confidentially. Bluefors has implemented the necessary technical and organisational measures and also requires this from the processors of personal data. Access to the data is limited to employees who need them in order to perform their duties.

1.8 Storage period of personal data or the criteria used to determine the period

Data subject’s information is kept as long as necessary for maintaining the customer relationship unless otherwise required by law. Information on partner and supplier representatives is kept for as long as necessary to maintain relationships between Bluefors and its suppliers and partners unless otherwise required by law.

We have set the retention period for data associated with Google to 26 months.

1.9 Rights of data subjects

1.9.1 Right of access and erasure

Data subjects have the right to request to view, update or remove their information any time by contacting us.

1.9.2 Right to object

Data subjects have the right to request restriction of processing their personal data or object to the processing and to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

1.9.3 Prohibition on direct marketing

Bluefors purchases online marketing services based on cookies. Cookie based marketing is not direct marketing.

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