DPG Spring Meeting 2022

September 4–9, 2022

The mathematical and computer simulation of social and economic systems is receiving more and more attention. The dedicated scientific community is rapidly growing and involves, besides sociologist and economists, also physicists, mathematicians, computers scientists, biologists, engineers, and the communities working on complex systems and operations research. To keep an overview, it is important to be well connected, and to benefit from shared information platforms.

The division on “Physics of Socio-Economic Systems” (Φ·SOE, previously AKSOE/AGSOE) is committed to support the scientific exchange between the scientific disciplines involved. It has currently more than 300 members and organizes a spring conference with typically 70-100 contributions each year. During this conference, it features outstanding international speakers not only from socio- and econo-physics, but also from sociology and economics. Furthermore, scientists are awarded for outstanding innovative work in this field.

More info to come.. Stay tuned!