Spin Qubit 5

September 5–9, 2022

Spin Qubit 5 brings together world-leading researchers from the fields of solid state physics and spin-based quantum information processing. The conference will run over five full days (Monday-Friday), September 5-9, 2022, and is held in Hotel Saratz in Switzerland (Pontresina).

The topics will cover different spin-based quantum bit implementations such as colour centres in diamond and SiC, donors in silicon, gate-defined quantum dots in GaAs, SiGe and MOS-Si, self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots, holes and Ge hole gases, Ge nanowires, etc. There will also be some focus on fabrication, algorithms, and cryogenic control electronics. Explore their website to find out the list of speakers at the conference.

We are excited to be exhibiting at the Spin Qubit 5 conference as a gold sponsor with a booth. All Spin Qubit 5 attendees will get a chance to meet up with our experts at Bluefors.

On September 6th from 17−17:10 (CEST), Antti Vaaranta from our Quantum Applications team will be giving a scientific talk 👨‍🏫 about Transmon qubit dynamics in the presence of noise from the control line.

Check out their program plan here.