Quantum.Tech QT2021

April 12–14, 2021

Quantum.Tech conference and exhibition drives forward the commercialisation of Quantum applications across industry, and to provide a global, annual meeting place for the Quantum ecosystem. To pull Quantum out of the research lab, and onto the shop floor. Enterprises need to understand the current status of the Quantum landscape, explore potential applications, and benchmark against competitors in their market. 

Why You Can’t Miss Quantum.Tech 2021:
  • Explore industrial applications of Quantum technology, and benchmark where the community is in terms of developing Quantum hardware and software.
  • Virtual networking opportunities, birds of a feather sessions and virtual booth showcases with over 2000 Quantum professionals from across the world from industry, academia and government.
  • Practical and tangible cutting-edge use cases from pioneers in the industry explain how their enterprises are adopting and evolving quantum solutions.

Here’s what’s on our agenda on Tuesday, April 13:

• 1:10 PM (EST) Lunch and Learn presentation: “Future of Cryogenics” presented by our CSO and Principal Scientist David Gunnarsson
• 1:45 PM (EST) David will also be joining the panel discussion “Going Beyond the NISQ Era: How can we Overcome the Technical & Engineering Challenges to Scaling Qubits?”

We warmly invite our followers to join us for both sessions and are also looking forward to meeting you at our virtual booth during the event. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.