Bluefors high-density wiring
February 28, 2020

APS March Meeting Cancelled: High-Density Wiring at APS March Meeting 2020

New modular measurement infrastructure

High-density wiring is a modular option for our side-loading XLDsl dilution refrigerator system that enables a large scale-up of the experimental wiring, especially for high-frequency signals. In a high-density form factor, each side-loading port can be equipped with up to 168 high-frequency lines, and up to 6 ports can be utilized simultaneously. The high-density wiring modular option enables easy assembly and maintenance for large wiring infrastructures.

We geared up to exhibit our new high-density wiring at the APS March Meeting in Denver, March 2-5, 2020. Due to the corona virus, the whole event was cancelled.

Read more about the high-density wiring here, and contact us for information how you can benefit from our new wiring solution in your research.

About Bluefors

Bluefors Oy is a company that specializes in cryogen-free dilution refrigerator systems, with a strong focus on the quantum computing and information community. Bluefors offers a wide range of standard systems with options that include cryogenic wiring and superconducting magnets.