September 3, 2020

Bluefors Operations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Bluefors is continuously following the news and information released regarding the situation of COVID-19 worldwide. Regulations and restrictions change rapidly, and we are constantly checking the effects it might have on our operations and how to handle this.

Production and operations

As a precaution to limit the risk of unnecessary exposure to the virus at our premises, those of our staff who can perform their tasks from home are urged to do so. Our Customer Services are running as usual with our remotely working Sales and Support teams responding to your requests. In addition, we have safety measures in place for the production and practice social distancing in the factory.

Even under these challenging conditions, we are able to run a significant production. We are well-stocked for parts and do not foresee any short-term production delays due to the COVID-19 situation. Our supply chain is still functioning, and deliveries are coming in. We are continuously monitoring the situation with our suppliers and try to adapt if there are any changes.

At the moment, we still aim to deliver our products with regular delivery times, however in this uncertain situation, delays in deliveries and potential new restrictions due to COVID-19 are out of our control.


To ensure that Bluefors premises are kept safe, we are following and complying with all regulations from local authorities. To guarantee that we minimize the risk of spreading the virus in Bluefors premises, we currently have a no-visit policy for non-critical business activities and each case is evaluated individually.


We are following the travel recommendations of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland regarding travelling abroad. Each upcoming system installation and service visit is evaluated by the Site Planning team and all possible risks and regulations are taken into consideration.  Please contact the Site Planning team for an updated schedule.

Continued information

The status of the COVID-19 virus and its implications world-wide are changing rapidly. We will keep you updated on any possible changes to our operations on this web page.